The Frankfurter Tafel is defending itself against being appropriated by Lord Mayor Peter Feldmann (SPD).

On Monday, the politician criticized a joint poster campaign by the Greens, SPD, FDP, Volt and CDU on social networks calling for his deselection.

Feldmann, who is under pressure mainly because of his role in the workers' welfare scandal, complained that the parties want to "poster" the city.

Alexander Juergs

Editor in the Rhein-Main-Zeitung.

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"The people of Frankfurt don't need any decision-making aids," he wrote on Facebook and Twitter.

The Lord Mayor combined his criticism with a call to his supporters to donate to the food banks that provide the needy with donated food: "Don't collect for me, collect for the panels.

People don't get fed up with posters."

At the table, people were “very surprised”

Rainer Häusler, the first chairman of the Frankfurter Tafel, was "very surprised" by this appeal.

Feldmann's initiative was not coordinated with his organization.

Of course, according to Häusler, everyone is happy about every donation, but the appeal goes "one size too far".

The controversial mayor would try to exploit the board for his own purposes.

"We are a non-political organization, we don't want to be hitched by any politician, no matter from which direction," says the Tafel chairman.

The aim of the organization is to help those in need, but not to exercise political influence.

"Grab our region: that's our job," says Häusler.

"We were always politically neutral."

Feldmann's appeal to donate to the food banks came to Häusler as "just a matter of nerves".

He reports that the politician first visited the Frankfurter Tafel about two months ago.

Even then, it was important to them that the visit was "not used for public relations work" and that no photos were taken.

It happens more often that local politicians visit the table and find out about the work.

The media are generally not invited to these events.

Instead of using the board on social media for his cause, the mayor should do something else, says the board chairman.

Feldmann is happy to donate his salary to the aid organization.