A 37-year-old man was sentenced on Monday by the Criminal Court of Brest (Finistère) to 18 months in prison for escape and fraudulent possession of false documents;




Despite an arrest warrant against him, the defendant could not be found.

He was suspected of having participated in drug trafficking.

56 kg of drugs seized in a car

This case began in May 2019 when law enforcement discovered 56 kg of drugs in a car.

The driver and the owner of the vehicle have already been convicted.

The defendant, filmed driving the same vehicle, was wanted by the courts.

He admitted during the investigation to be friends with one of the two men in question but the evidence of his involvement in the traffic was not considered sufficient.

He was therefore released for complicity in the unauthorized acquisition, import, transport and possession of narcotics, as well as for participation in a criminal association.

He was therefore only sentenced for escape and for having fabricated a false identity document.


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