"Following the announcement of the resignation of Julien Bayou from his duties as national secretary of EELV, the executive office has acted on a principle of collegial management around the deputy national secretary Léa Balage El Mariky and the deputy national secretary Jérémie Crépel, until the designation of a new direction at the next Federal Congress" of the environmentalist party, announced the executive office, which met on Tuesday afternoon.

Julien Bayou announced on Monday that he was resigning from his post to be able to defend himself against accusations of psychological violence against his ex-girlfriend, which he denies.

He also left his post as co-president of the EELV group in the Assembly, but remains a deputy.

A congress is scheduled for December to renew the management of EELV.

In the Assembly, Cyrielle Châtelain, who co-chaired the group of green deputies with Bayou, now chairs it alone.

"We are living in a special moment," Léa Balage told AFP.

"I am thinking of the activists who have gone through a phase of amazement" in recent weeks with the developments in the Bayou affair.

"We must now be able to have a more peaceful situation" and "a functional direction", she explained.

Marine Tondelier, elected EELV of Hénin-Baumont, is approached to seek the leadership of the party in December.

She told AFP that she gave "all her support" to Léa Balage and Jérémie Crépel.

"Moments of great tension, we have already known them. We are used in these moments to stick together and to face", she added.

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