During the plenary session of the National Assembly Steering Committee, the opposition and opposition parties engaged in a heated battle over the controversy over President Yoon Seok-yeol's 'profanity remarks'.

Lawmakers from the Democratic Party of Korea have requested that they receive a report on the current affairs of the President's office on various controversies that have arisen recently through an emergency convening of the Steering Committee.

Then, the People's Power lawmakers argued, saying, "Freedom of the press is not a lie," and the meeting was suspended 20 minutes after the meeting was held.

Rep. Lee Soo-jin (proportional representative) of the Democratic Party said, "The president's office has come forward and mentioned fake news, and instead of making an apology, they are trying to suppress the media. It's an unscrupulous act." They are consistent in their explanations, but it seems to the people and the media as if they have declared war.”

Rep. Park Young-soon, from the same party, also said, "President Yoon was unable to pay a condolence in the UK, but the people are wondering whether he did or not. I can't help but hold accountable for what the truth is and what the foreign ministers and the presidential office staff who carried out at the time did."

The People's Power has covered the controversy over President Yoon's profane language by blaming the press.

Rep. Yoon Doo-hyun said, "(The Democratic Party) is talking about the suppression of freedom of the press, and (freedom of the press) is the freedom of the process involved in making the truth known." said.

Rep. Yoon argued, "Knowing what was reported before it was reported is a matter that reminds me of the 22nd Minority Report. It is also the 22nd Korean version of the Minority Report."

Assemblyman Jo Eun-hee of the same party also targeted Park Hong-geun, the floor leader of the Democratic Party, saying, "How do those words come out in the political arena before they are reported? Is it not specific to a word that even a voice analysis expert cannot specify?"

Afterwards, as the Democratic Party lawmakers strongly protested and there was constant shouting between the opposition and opposition lawmakers, Kwon Seong-dong, chairman of the People's Power Steering Committee, suspended the meeting, saying, "The meeting is impossible."

The scene of the National Assembly Steering Committee, which collided head-to-head over the 'profanity controversy', was recorded in the video.

(Video coverage: Cho Chun-dong / Composition: Jin Sang-myung / Editing: Kim Bok-hyung / Production: D Content Planning Department)