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a speech to the UN General Assembly, North Korea raised a standoff, arguing that it was the United States' fault for enacting its nuclear policy into law.

He also criticized the U.S.-ROK naval joint exercise that is currently underway and even waged a war of words with us.

Correspondent Kim Jong-won from New York.


In a speech at the UN General Assembly last year, North Korea also threw a conciliatory message saying that if the double standard policy toward North Korea is withdrawn, dialogue can begin.

In this year's speeches, he was consistently sharp.

Ambassador Kim Seong of the North Korean mission to the United Nations blamed the United States for enacting North Korea's nuclear policy into law because of the US' hostile policy toward the North, and he vehemently criticized the ROK-US joint maritime exercise.

[Kim Seong / Ambassador of North Korea to the United Nations: (Korea-US combined naval exercise) is clearly a very dangerous act of igniting the fuse that drives the situation on the Korean Peninsula to the border of war.]

Deputy Ambassador to the United Nations Bae Jong-in, South Korea’s deputy ambassador to the United Nations He criticized North Korea's nuclear and missile development, arguing that the exercise was intended to counter North Korea's military threat.

[Bae Jong-in/Deputy Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to the United Nations: North Korea's development of nuclear and ballistic missiles

is not only illegal but also poses a serious threat to peace and stability in the region.]

[A spokesperson for the North Korean delegation to the United Nations: We will not deal with South Korea in relation to the situation on the Korean Peninsula.

I have already made this clear to the South Korean side.]

In fact, unlike last year, Ambassador Kim never mentioned South Korea in this speech.

After North Korean Ambassador Kim Seong finished his speech here at the UN headquarters, I usually walked about 10 minutes to the North Korean delegation through these stairs where I am now.

During this process, I used to make contact with our reporters and answer questions, but today I was unusually driving and avoided our reporters by driving.

North Korea's speech at the United Nations is an evaluation that clearly showed that the inter-Korean dialogue had reached a serious deadlock.

(Video coverage: Lee Sang-wook, video editing: Choi Hye-young)