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A man has opened fire this morning at the military enlistment office in



The military commissar has been seriously injured.

The shooter has already been arrested.

It all happened while the commissar was instructing the recruits.

Among them was

Ruslan Zinin

, a 25-year-old local resident.

According to eyewitnesses, before he started shooting, Zinin said,

"Now we're all going home

. "

The first bullet hit the commissar, after which Zinin told the others to run and fired a second time.

According to investigation data, the attacker had to be recruited today.

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On the hunt for the reservist: "Let no one hide, we will find them all"

  • Editorial: XAVIER COLÁSMoscow

On the hunt for the reservist: "Let no one hide, we will find them all"

War in Ukraine.

Russia tries to return to the era of 2014 with another separatist referendum

  • Drafting: JAVIER ESPINOSA (Special envoy) In Donbas (Ukraine)

Russia tries to return to the era of 2014 with another separatist referendum

The shooting is the latest attack after five days of vandalism against recruiting headquarters across the country.


is a city in the northwest of the


region , in



Around 300 citizens of Ust-Ilimsk have been called up as part of this mobilization decreed by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The military commissar,

Alexander Eliseev

, is in the hospital, according to the Russian outlet



Local media indicate that he is in critical condition.

He has been transferred from the operating room to intensive care.

He had been in the post since 2010.

The governor of the Irkutsk region,

Igor Kobzev

, has confirmed the facts: "Military Commissar

Alexander Vladimirovich Eliseev

is in intensive care, in

extremely serious condition

. Doctors are fighting for his life. The shooter has been arrested immediately. And he will definitely be punished!" Kobzev promised.

According to the governor, security measures will be reinforced at the military registration and enlistment offices.

wave of attacks

During the first six months of the invasion of

Ukraine , at least 20 military police stations in


have burned down


Since the start of the mobilization last week, there has been

a new wave of arsons across Russia of military registration and enlistment offices

and also of local administrations.

On the night of 21 September, the military enlistment office in the

Lomonosovsky district of the


region was set on fire,

as was another in

Nizhny Novgorod


The next day two more offices were attacked in other parts of the country.

In the following days there were attacks against at least five more offices.

This is not counting many other acts of vandalism against administrative buildings or against the headquarters of the ruling United Russia party in Bashkortostan, which had to be evacuated.

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