Ten years of sharpening swords across the development of major powers and advancing into the dark blue

  The People's Navy has entered the "three aircraft carrier era"

  Our correspondent Gao Liying and special correspondent Sun Fei reported: In the golden autumn season, the third sergeant major Wang Tao ushered in another exciting day in his military career: on this day, he was on the two aircraft carriers Liaoning and Shandong. After serving, he became a new batch of crew members of the aircraft carrier Fujian.

  In the timetable for the construction and development of the People's Navy aircraft carrier, there are several shining moments that make Wang Tao feel honored——

  On September 25, 2012, when my country's first aircraft carrier Liaoning was officially delivered to the navy, he honorably became the first batch of aircraft carrier crew members of the People's Navy; on December 17, 2019, my country's first domestically produced aircraft carrier Shandong was handed over to the navy. , as the technical backbone, he was transferred as the captain of the ship's electrical engineering area; on June 17, 2022, when the first catapult-type aircraft carrier Fujian ship completely independently designed and built by my country was launched, he was eagerly looking forward to being able to board the ship as soon as possible. achievement.

  "Since joining the army, I have served on three aircraft carriers successively. I have personally experienced and witnessed the People's Navy has entered the 'three aircraft carrier era'. This is my great luck!" Wang Tao said with emotion, the growth experience of an ordinary soldier reflects the Out of the rapid development and growth of the People's Navy aircraft carrier force.

In the past 10 years, it has grown from nothing and developed by leaps and bounds. The great power has cut waves and advanced into the deep blue.

  Accelerate the transformation and prepare for war, and aim to be strong in the sea map.

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, President Xi has paid great attention to and placed high hopes on the construction of the navy. He has inspected the navy several times and made a series of major strategic decisions and deployments around building a world-class navy in an all-round way.

Over the past 10 years, the officers and soldiers of the aircraft carrier unit have kept in mind the leader's entrustment, faithfully fulfilled their duties, and worked together to train and prepare for war, and accelerated the construction of the aircraft carrier's combat capability.

  The giant ship is dreaming, and the sword points to the dark blue.

As a new type of combat force, the aircraft carrier force has normalized out-of-the-island ocean training and systematic formation ocean training, and has continuously made new breakthroughs in the construction of combat effectiveness.

The Liaoning ship has created many "first battles and first victories" in the development process of my country's aircraft carrier construction, such as the first open-sea exercise, the first live ammunition firing, and the first day and night landing. As the records are refreshed again and again, the depth of integration of the aircraft carrier formation system continues to expand.

The Shandong ship actively carried out research on combat issues, solved dozens of difficult and difficult problems that restricted the improvement of combat effectiveness, and greatly shortened the generation cycle of combat effectiveness.

  In the past 10 years, from ordinary pilots to carrier-based fighter pilots, to aircraft carrier commanders who bravely ventured into the ocean, the growth trajectory of Deputy Captain Xu Ying of Shandong Ship is the epitome of the navy's accelerated construction of aircraft carrier talents in the new era.

  In recent years, the Navy has gradually built a training path for the "five-in-one" overall promotion of carrier-based fighter jets, special aircraft, helicopters, air combat services and UAVs, and the training of flight talents has entered the fast lane.

A few years ago, the first batch of carrier-based fighter pilots trained by the Navy's growth model successfully passed the landing qualification certification, marking that the growth path and training link of carrier-based fighter pilots have been fully completed, and the construction of aircraft carrier combat capability has taken a big step forward.

From the first test voyage to the normalized offshore deployment, batches of "Flying Shark" warriors have become the "sharp knives" of the aircraft carrier's combat effectiveness.

A large number of high-quality senior sergeants, staff officers and commanders have given full play to the role of "yeast" of talents, driving a phalanx of high-quality aircraft carrier talents to rise rapidly, and driving the aircraft carrier formation to leave a flashing track in the farther ocean.

  Not long ago, in a certain area of ​​the Yellow Sea, the Liaoning ship broke through the waves; in a certain waters in the South China Sea, Xu Ying and his comrades drove the Shandong ship to conduct day and night training; at the Jiangnan Shipyard Wharf, Wang Tao and his comrades boarded the Fujian ship to carry out mooring tests.

The officers and soldiers of the aircraft carrier force said that they must keep in mind their duties and missions, make contributions based on their posts, and welcome the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party with excellent results.

  Gao Liying Sun Fei