Alexis Guilleux, edited by Yanis Darras 08:08, September 23, 2022

Questioned by CNN journalists, the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron returned to the war in Ukraine.

If the president believes that Vladimir Putin "made a huge mistake", he is still trying to understand the reasons that pushed the president of the Russian Federation to want to invade Ukraine.

The war in Ukraine never ceases to be talked about in New York.

At the UN Security Council, foreign ministers from different countries condemned the Russian invasion and demanded accountability from Moscow.

Asked by our colleagues from CNN, Emmanuel Macron is still trying to understand his Russian counterpart, he admits. 

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"He made a huge mistake"

"It's difficult to give the explanation. When he decided to launch his war, I think he made a huge mistake," explained the President of the Republic.

“Today I think that after the counter-offensive, Vladimir Putin is under much more pressure. And now it is clear to everyone that the leader who decided to go to war, who decided to the escalation is President Putin,” he added. 

No "rational" explanation

Emmanuel Macron struggles to understand the reasons that prompted the Russian president to invade Ukraine.

"I don't have a rational explanation. I think it's a set of resentments or a strategy of hegemony in the region. And I would say it's a consequence of its isolation during the pandemic. At this time there he decided to completely break off the dialogue we had had since 2014 and go to war."

"I believe that all the discussions we had were difficult," he concluded in front of CNN journalists.