Prime Minister Kishida, who was visiting New York, finished a series of schedules, including the United Nations General Assembly, and left New York on the morning of the 23rd, Japan time, on his way home.

Prime Minister Kishida, who visited New York for four days from the 20th of this month, delivered a speech at the United Nations General Assembly held at the United Nations Headquarters. I emphasized that I would like to proceed with such initiatives.

Prime Minister Kishida held a press conference on the night of the 22nd, Japan time, stating, "We will continue to listen sincerely to the voices of other countries and demonstrate our strong commitment to the United Nations and multilateralism." Towards the realization of this, he expressed his intention to strengthen his approach to each country.

On the other hand, Prime Minister Kishida announced that he will remove the limit on the number of people entering Japan from the 11th of next month, allow free personal travel, and exempt short-term visas from the border measures of the new corona. .

He also announced that he will start nationwide travel support measures and event business promotion measures from the 11th of next month.

After completing a series of schedules, Prime Minister Kishida left the country on a government plane at around 10:30 a.m. Japan time and headed back to Japan.