- We are happy to help in a difficult time, but there are many things to take into account, such as technology, economy and sustainability, says Lisa Granström, acting business area manager for Mälarenergi heat.

Will you need to fire with oil?

- In the basic mode, we only use renewable and recycled fuels, but have a last resort with an older boiler that is fired with fossil fuels.

But if this oil boiler is to be put into use to increase electricity production in Sweden, we need clear directives from above.

What does the risk look like that the price for customers increases?

- The district heating price is already set for 2023 and that means a three percent increase, which is lower than inflation and more advantageous than elsewhere.

There is currently a dialogue between cogeneration plants, Energiföretagen, Svenska Kraftnät and the Department of Infrastructure.

Mälarenergi says it has submitted a progress report and expects a decision in mid-October.

In the clip, Lisa Granström tells what will happen to the established environmental goals if the cogeneration plant starts burning oil this winter.