China News Service, September 23. According to Hong Kong's "Sing Tao Daily" report, the Hong Kong Hospital Authority announced the launch of the "Greater Bay Area Doctor Exchange Program" earlier. The bureau revealed on the 22nd that there are currently 8 doctors willing to come to Hong Kong. Pending approval by the Medical Council for registration.

  The Hong Kong Hospital Authority also announced plans to expand and set up a Greater Bay Area Advisory Committee.

The committee plans to expand the exchange program, including the establishment of a specialist nursing knowledge exchange program in the Greater Bay Area, inviting experienced specialist nurses to come to Hong Kong for exchange for 10 months, mainly in geriatrics and emergency. The first batch will come to Hong Kong early next year, with more than 70 It is expected to increase to 300 in two years.

  In addition, the bureau also plans to expand the pilot scheme of Chinese and Western medicine collaboration to more specialties, and introduce senior and prestigious Mainland Chinese medicine experts to train medical talents.

Among them, the Chinese Medicine Management Committee has approved 3 Chinese medicine practitioners for limited registration.

The bureau also plans to promote an exchange programme for radiological technologists, expecting 5 to 6 technologists to come to Hong Kong.

  The chairman of the Hospital Authority, Fan Hongling, said that he hopes to establish a talent pool in the Greater Bay Area to communicate and cooperate with local medical staff in Hong Kong. However, due to the lack of medical personnel in Hong Kong, mainland experts are mainly coming to Hong Kong.

He pointed out that this plan hopes to establish a constant rotation mechanism, and continue to attract talents.