The Hong Kong government has announced that it will abolish the three-day quarantine required for overseas travelers from the 26th of next week as a countermeasure against the new coronavirus.

This was announced by Chief Executive Li Jia Chao, the top executive of the Hong Kong government, at a press conference on the 23rd.

The Hong Kong government currently requires travelers from overseas to quarantine at designated hotels for 3 days, but from the 26th of next week, the quarantine will be abolished, and instead a 3-day observation period will be set up, and the restaurant will be closed. They are forbidding entry and exit.

Hong Kong has continued to take strict measures in line with China's so-called "zero corona" policy, but the business world and the Legislative Council, which is the parliament, have called for deregulation.

“The decision was made in consideration of various needs such as the lives of citizens, economic activities, and Hong Kong’s competitiveness,” Lee said, explaining the reason for the abolishment of the quarantine measures.

It is the first time in two and a half years that there will be no substantial restrictions on entry into Hong Kong from overseas, and the business community has welcomed it.