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20% of young people aged 8 to 18 have already been victims of cyberbullying.

This is the case of Leo, a 15-year-old teenager, forced to leave his college when his classmates began to insult him and threaten him with death.

With his mother, the boy told his story and his career after college at the microphone of Europe 1.

It may have happened to your child, your nephew or a friend's.

Cyberbullying: 20% of young people between the ages of 8 and 18 have already been victims.

Threats, insults, online blackmail increased tenfold by social networks.

Leo was to make his return to third in a college in Yvelines.

Except that this fifteen-year-old teenager hasn't set foot in school for six months.

Leo is a victim of bullying at school and on social networks.

A trauma that he and his mother told Europe 1.

"I thought it was my fault..."

Cyberbullying started from an element that seems trivial: Leo is dancing.

"On a WhatsApp group he had with his class, they started insulting him," explains Leo's mother.

"There were death threats and nasty messages. Me, I didn't want to hear about them anymore and I didn't want to see them anymore. And I was ashamed too. So I deleted everything," recalls Leo.

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If his mother did not know, she eventually found out thanks to the help of a classmate of the teenager.

"It was a friend of Leo who thought it was going way too far and sent me the screenshots. And after that, I took Leo's phone and saw all the messages."

Particularly violent messages where the boy was threatened with death.

"'We'll stop when you're dead', 'you don't deserve to live'", details the mother.

“I also thought it was my fault, that I was not normal …”, justifies the teenager.

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“He was going to college on antidepressants”

"He was still going to college with fear in his stomach. He was even on antidepressants. We decided to take him out of school and do homeschooling," his mother continues.

"It's complicated for me to go to college or even to pass my old college," adds the teenager.

No question, however, of preventing their son from having access to social networks, but on several conditions.

"With his dad, we installed an application that blocks applications on Instagram and Facebook. Leo created an Instagram account on my phone where I have his code, where I can access all communications. That was the condition

sine qua non

. It's normal that he has an account, it's his age, all his friends have it. But we're watching him."