After President Yoon Seok-yeol met US President Biden in New York yesterday (22nd), remarks that seemed to disparage the US Congress with profanity were caught on video and became controversial.

The Democratic Party denounced it as a major diplomatic disaster, and explained that the presidential office was aimed at our National Assembly, not the US Congress.

Reporter Park Won-kyung reports.


The remarks made by President Yoon Seok-yeol as he left the Global Fund meeting room after the '48 second meeting' with President Biden were caught on camera by the Korean reporters.

[President Seok-Yeol Yoon: If these XXs do not approve in the National Assembly, 'Biden' is a shame.]

A remark that was interpreted as directly referring to a diplomatic partner with a mixture of profane language was exposed, causing a big stir.

The Democratic Party denounced it as a major diplomatic disaster and a disgrace to the nation.

[Park Hong-geun/Democratic Minority Leader: Following the Yoon Seok-yeol administration's empty-handed diplomacy and rude diplomacy, President

Yun Seok-yeol's word-of-mouth diplomacy severely damaged the prestige of the Republic of Korea.]

I didn't mention it, and I explained that the profane language refers to our Congress, not the US Congress.

[Kim Eun-hye / President's Office Public Relations Senior: Please listen again.

"If the National Assembly does not approve and 'fly'", it reads.

There's no way we're talking about America here, and there's no reason to use the word 'Biden'.

(Is that statement addressed to the National Assembly?) Yes.]

Then, he argued that it was an act of self-harm to the national interest to falsely divide the alliance, saying that South Korea had become a country that mocked the allies due to the distortion of the opposition.

The controversy over profanity seems to lead to a truth workshop, and even if the explanation of the presidential office is correct, the controversy is expected to grow as it is to disparage our National Assembly, especially the opposition party.