China News Service, September 22. Recently, earthquakes of magnitude 6.5 and 6.9 and multiple aftershocks occurred in Taitung County and Hualien County, Taiwan.

According to Taiwan's "Central News Agency", the Taiwan Disaster Response Center said on the evening of the 21st that there were still 962 households without water in the Hualien area, and the number of dangerous buildings reported after the disaster in Huadong increased by more than 100 compared with the evening of the 21st, reaching a total of 213.

  In the disaster statistics section, Taiwan's "Fire Department" stated that as of 6:40 p.m. on the 21st, a total of 1 death and 171 injuries were caused.

  In addition, Xinwanlixi Bridge, Lelexi Bridge and Xinxiu Guluanxi Bridge were damaged due to the earthquake. The Taiwan transportation department said that a professional consultant company should conduct survey and inspection on the 27th, and then plan for emergency repairs. Other bridges will also be In the comprehensive and detailed investigation, if the Hualien-Taitung railway is interrupted, the road connection will be handled according to the train-like mode.

  The economic department pointed out that there are still 962 households without water in the Hualien area.

  Taiwan's "Construction and Construction Administration" mentioned that, as of 8:00 pm on the 21st, Hualien County and Taitung County reported 160 and 53 earthquake-hazardous buildings respectively, including 7 in Hualien (2 of which have been Demolition), Taitung has 10 buildings with red hazard signs posted.