A victim writes on Facebook that everyone in his group is being asked for the hotel bills, but refuses to pay.

The problems have been noticed in several media in both Denmark and Finland.

Travelers have received a fax stuck under the door, with the implication that Detur has been sold and that during the transition to a new owner, money must be put out for the hotels, but that these will be refunded.

The fax given out to some travelers.

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Travelers also state on social media that they received the same message from tour guides on site.

SVT has searched for Detur's press officer without success.

On the company's phone number, an answering machine says that it is currently closed.

Sold canceled trips

For a long time, Detur has received criticism from rows of travelers for canceling already sold trips - and then delaying the refund that it owes the travelers by law.

Audits carried out by SVT and the Swedish Consumer Agency have shown several errors - among other things, that Detur marketed trips that it had already notified the relevant airports that it had cancelled.

The Swedish Consumer Agency has twice started supervisory cases, but these have both been closed after the company refunded the money to the very travelers about whom the Swedish Consumer Agency asked questions.

New registrations

Last spring, Detur told SVT that they "improve processes and routines so that the problems do not continue to arise".

But during the summer and autumn, the complaints continued to come in to the General Claims Board, something Detur's media contact Tim Åström commented with, "It has meant improvements, the repayment rate has increased and the waiting time has been able to be shortened.

However, it has not been enough and there are therefore still a few repayments left which are being repaid as soon as possible".

A check with the Bailiff showed on Thursday morning that there were 54 applications for payment orders against Detur, almost all from private individuals.

In recent days, there have been changes in Detur's board, which today lacks a chairman after one member resigned and the chairman became a member.

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What are the complaints about?

Hear Fanny Forsling, lawyer at the Swedish Consumer Agency, tell the story in the clip.

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