The city of Hanau wants to fight back in a pilot project against carelessly discarded cigarette butts whose toxins seep into the ground.

The in-house operation Hanau Infrastructure Service (HIS) will in future dispose of and recycle cigarette butts in an environmentally friendly manner with a special offer.

According to City Councilor Thomas Morlock (FDP), the city has purchased 20 collection containers, which have been distributed to all parts of the city.

Luise Glaser-Lotz

Correspondent for the Rhein-Main-Zeitung for the Main-Kinzig district.

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Two different versions were ordered.

On the one hand neutral, weatherproof outdoor ashtrays made of stainless steel, on the other hand funny "voting cups".

These containers have a question attached to them that smokers can answer by tossing their butt in a designated compartment.

The questions are, for example: "Brothers Grimm or Hans Christian Andersen?" or "Eintracht Frankfurt or Kickers Offenbach?" The in-house operation empties the containers regularly.

Then the cigarette butts are stored in special barrels and picked up by TobaCycle.

According to Morlock, this will result in a closed material cycle.

"Sprayable granules" from cigarette butts

After collection, the cigarette butts and thus also the ash and all toxins are processed and recycled.

The association TobaCycle produces "sprayable granules" from it.

From this, among other things, new elements for the collection system or pocket ashtrays for private individuals are created.

The recycling system should not only be used in public spaces, catering establishments can also participate.

TobaCycle offers you special table ashtrays made from recycled material.

The city council says that HIS will collect the cigarette butts from restaurateurs who are participating.

Six restaurants are participating at the start.