Kronoberg County has 6 seats in Sweden's Riksdag.

The Moderates, the Social Democrats and the Sweden Democrats got two mandates each.

Oliver Rosengren (M) 30 years

New to the Riksdag, living in Växjö.

Works as a municipal councilor in Växjö municipality.

Thomas Ragnarsson (M) 52 years

New in the Riksdag.

Member of the regional board in Kronoberg county.

Works as an ambulance nurse and lives in Ljungby.

Tomas Eneroth (S) 55 years

Minister of Infrastructure since 2017. Lives in Växjö.

Monica Haider (S) 59 years

Member of Parliament since 2014. Metal worker, living in Eneryda in Älmhult municipality.

Katja Nyberg (SD) 51 years

Member of Parliament since 2018. Has worked as a police officer at the National Operative Department (NOA).

Lives in Flen.

Mattias Karlsson (SD) 45 years

Member of Parliament since 2010. Resident in Norrhult in Uppvidinge municipality.

CUT: Kronoberg sends Rosengren (M) to the Riksdag

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In the video clip above, Oliver Rosengren (M) talks about his "love letters", or personal crosses.

Photo: Kajsa Oscarson / SVT