Typhoon Nanmadol has landed in Japan and is moving north, causing direct damage to Japan.

Let's take a closer look at the location of the typhoon and the current damage situation by connecting to Tokyo, Japan.

Correspondent Sanghyuk Park, where is Typhoon Nanmadol located in Japan now?

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Japan Meteorological Agency said that typhoon Nanmadol, which went north from southern Kyushu yesterday, reached Fukuoka, the northern region, around 3 a.m. today (19th).

Now, not only the entire Kyushu region but also Shikoku and other areas to the east of Kyushu have come under the influence of the typhoon.

The area is experiencing heavy rains of 28 to 48 mm per hour and strong winds exceeding 40 m/s.

Yesterday, a special typhoon warning was issued for Kagoshima and Miyazaki Prefectures, but this is the first time this warning has been issued outside of Okinawa.


It is said that the Japanese government has issued such a recommendation to more than 8.9 million Japanese citizens to evacuate, but how is the damage situation?


Damage continues due to continuous strong rain and wind.

At a construction site in Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan, a crane bends like a tow.

Trees on the street were broken in the wind and rain, and a bus sign supported by stones fell.

The Japanese media reported that 35 people were injured, such as falling in strong winds or breaking glass in the evacuation facility one after another.

About 332,000 households in Kyushu's four prefectures suffered power outages, and cell phone communication failures occurred in some areas.

Evacuation orders were issued to 8.93 million people due to fears of major damage.

Flight 789 to and from the Kyushu area was canceled, and the Kyushu area Shinkansen was completely suspended today.

Prime Minister Kishida held a meeting of related ministers yesterday and ordered a preemptive response for the safety of the people.