On the 17th, it will be 30 years since Japan dispatched the Self-Defense Forces to Cambodia as part of the United Nations PKO = peacekeeping operation.

Cambodia, which was devastated by the civil war, was able to recover its land through the first PKO activities of the Self-Defense Forces, and now it has become a country that dispatches units for PKO overseas, and Japan's contribution is bearing fruit.

On the 17th, it has been 30 years since the Japanese Self-Defense Forces left for Cambodia in 1992 for the first time to participate in UN peacekeeping operations.

In Cambodia, many Japanese, including civilians, supported reconstruction from the civil war, but in 1993, two Japanese who were working as a civilian police officer and a UN volunteer were killed in an attack.

Malinda Kosar, Deputy Director of the Peacekeeping Center, which is in charge of PKO in the Cambodian government, said in an interview with NHK, "We will never forget Japan's contribution to Cambodia's peace," and expressed gratitude for Japan's contribution. Did.

In addition, he said, "Cambodia is a small country, but we have made many friends by sending troops to UN missions." He emphasized that Japan's contribution in Cambodia is bearing fruit.