China News Service, Beijing, September 15 (Reporter Sun Zifa) Since 2022, in the face of more complex and severe domestic and foreign situations, how can China leverage innovation as the "first driving force" to stabilize the economy and promote development through technological innovation Much attention.

  According to information from the Ministry of Science and Technology of China, the Ministry has introduced a series of policies and measures to promote scientific and technological innovation to promote important progress in scientific research on the new crown pneumonia epidemic, in-depth implementation of major scientific and technological tasks, full stimulation of innovation and entrepreneurship in the whole society, and continuous emergence of important scientific and technological achievements. This will provide strong and effective scientific and technological support for solidly stabilizing the economic market, building a new development pattern, and promoting high-quality development.

  Chen Baoming, deputy director of the Talent Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology, said that since the beginning of this year, China's scientific and technological innovation has generally shown a trend of making progress while maintaining stability, and the role of scientific and technological innovation in supporting and stabilizing the economic market has become more prominent.

Science and technology to fight the epidemic: 42 vaccine clinical trials, many domestic drugs listed

  The Ministry of Science and Technology has made every effort to promote scientific research on the new crown pneumonia epidemic, adhere to multiple technical routes in parallel, and steadily improve the normalized epidemic prevention and control capabilities.

  First, China took the lead in formulating the world's first international standard for nucleic acid detection of the new coronavirus, and continued to develop new detection technologies such as breath and spectrum mass spectrometry. Hundreds of detection reagents have been approved for the market.

  Second, China is at the forefront of global vaccine research and development. 42 vaccines have entered clinical trials, 17 have been approved for Phase III clinical trials overseas, and 9 vaccines including inactivated vaccines, adenovirus vector vaccines, and recombinant protein vaccines have been approved. Approved for marketing or emergency use with conditions, 3 vaccines are included in the World Health Organization's emergency use list.

  Third, a number of domestic new crown drugs have been approved for marketing. The combination therapy of the neutralizing antibody ambavir and romisevirumab has been approved for marketing in China. The traditional Chinese medicine "three prescriptions" are widely used in the first line of anti-epidemic, and the small molecule drug Azif Conditional approval to add new coronary pneumonia treatment indications will be granted.

  The fourth is to implement international cooperation in scientific and technological anti-epidemic, establish joint R&D centers and "Belt and Road" joint laboratories, and jointly carry out scientific research such as vaccines and effective drugs, and achieve a number of major phased results.

High-tech enterprises have become an important channel for attracting college graduates

  Jia Jingdun, director of the Torch Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology, said that in terms of further promoting stable growth, stabilizing market players, ensuring employment and promoting entrepreneurship, the Ministry of Science and Technology has accelerated the implementation of preferential policies such as high-tech enterprises and additional deduction of R&D expenses. Increased from 75% to 100%.

Formulate and implement action plans for improving the technological innovation capabilities of enterprises and policies and measures to support small and medium-sized technology-based enterprises.

Explore the construction of a new incubation model of "entrepreneurial mentor + investment and financing platform"; accelerate the implementation of support policies such as technology business incubators, maker spaces, and university science parks to create a good ecosystem for technological innovation and entrepreneurship.

  The Ministry of Science and Technology has also stepped up efforts to support the high-quality development of high-tech enterprises. There are 330,000 high-tech enterprises in the country within the validity period, accounting for 0.7% of the total number of enterprises in the country, contributing more than 70% of the R&D investment of national enterprises that year, and the number of authorized invention patents nationwide. 38.2%, absorbing 11.2% of the national graduates that year.

Cooperate with 6 departments to encourage various innovative entities to develop and implement scientific research assistant positions, and attract college graduates to participate in scientific research-related work. As of the end of August 2022, scientific research assistant positions have attracted a total of 179,000 jobs, of which over 150,000 fresh college graduates .

Deep integration of technology, industry and finance to accelerate the transformation and application of achievements

  The Ministry of Science and Technology, together with relevant departments and units, will further improve the financial support system for technological innovation, promote the connection between R&D units and financial institutions, the connection of project results and the capital market, and accelerate the formation of new economic growth points.

Implement 200 billion yuan (RMB, the same below) re-loans for scientific and technological innovation, and increase efforts to support the innovation and development of scientific and technological enterprises.

  Statistics show that as of the end of July 2022, the loan balances of technology-based SMEs and high-tech enterprises were 1,488 billion yuan and 1,0856.3 billion yuan, respectively, an increase of 209.2 billion yuan and 1,387.6 billion yuan from the beginning of the year.

The National Science and Technology Achievement Transformation Fund invested 2.029 billion yuan, driving social capital investment of 19.483 billion yuan; in 2022, there will be 64 new companies listed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board, reaching a total of 442, and the initial raised funds will exceed 643.8 billion yuan, with a total market value of nearly 5.7 trillion yuan .

  Wu Jiaxi, deputy director of the Department of Achievement Transformation and Regional Innovation of the Ministry of Science and Technology, said that in terms of comprehensively accelerating the transformation and application of achievements in major scientific and technological projects, the Ministry of Science and Technology has accelerated the improvement of the transfer and transformation system of scientific and technological achievements, and greatly increased the incentives for the transformation of scientific and technological personnel.

As of July 31, a total of 346,900 technology contracts were registered across the country, and the transaction value of technology contracts was 2.04 trillion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 26.06% and 33.84% respectively.

Exploring the system of "revealing the leaderboard" and "horse racing" and launching the construction of major application scenarios

  In order to speed up the implementation of major national scientific and technological tasks, the Ministry of Science and Technology actively explores major tasks to implement systems such as "revelation and leadership" and "horse racing", implements the system of chief scientist responsibility for cutting-edge exploration projects, sets up special projects for disruptive technologies, supports scientists in bold exploration, and accelerates the formation of a group of Scientific and technological achievements that are strategic, critical, and have a major traction and driving effect on economic development; vigorously support digital economy and platform economy leading enterprises to participate in major national research and development tasks.

  According to Xing Huaibin, deputy director of the Strategic Planning Department of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Science and Technology has launched the construction of a number of major application scenarios for scientific and technological innovation, including 10 artificial intelligence demonstration application scenarios such as smart farms, smart ports, and smart mines. Major application scenarios such as hydrogen into ten thousand homes, green buildings and healthy communities.

Select major scientific and technological innovation application scenarios that have a certain industrialization foundation and represent the future development direction, and carry out key support and continuous construction, aiming to accelerate the formation of new economic growth points, improve the level of collaborative innovation between upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, and stimulate investment and employment. , to provide strong scientific and technological support for high-quality development.