The figures for the youngest member of the Frankfurt skyline read soberly: 190 meters high, 49 floors, 68,000 square meters of rental space, 430 million euros invested.

But the One skyscraper at the trade fair, which opened on Thursday, can also arouse emotions.

For example, when you stand 185 meters up on the Skybar terrace and enjoy the view.

If you are in one of the rooms of the Nhow brand hotel, you will be amazed by the design entirely dedicated to the theme of money.

When you see the new working world in the offices of a game developer, in which the oasis of well-being with a coffee bar, billiard table and video wall has the same importance as the desks.

Or when you look up at the tower designed by architect Thomas Meurer and see how the shape of a “one” is formed by a facade projection.

Gunter Murr

Editor in the Rhein-Main-Zeitung.

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It is no ordinary high-rise that was built right next to the Skyline Plaza shopping center and that now closes the gap between the Messeturm and Tower 185.

"We didn't want to seal off the building, but rather to bring vitality and urbanity into it," says Markus Diekow, spokesman for the client CA Immo.

This concept can already be seen in the foyer: while in other high-rise buildings there is usually only empty space next to the reception, drinks are offered in a café and at a bar on the ground floor of the One.

The lower floors are occupied by the hotel, the 30 office floors above are about 70 percent let.

In between there are five floors for coworking.

You can rent a workspace there for a limited time.

The target group are hotel guests as well as office tenants who can fall back on the offer if they need space at short notice.

For square meter rents in the order of 35 to 40 euros, not only the creative game developer, but also classic high-rise tenants such as a bank and a tax consultant rented for the One.

Among other things, they were recruited with an innovative building concept, which Patrick Lange from CA Immo describes with several superlatives: It is the “smartest and most sustainable high-rise building in Germany”.

The annual primary energy consumption is 87 kilowatt hours per square meter and thus 34 percent below the legal requirements.

An average office building in Frankfurt consumes 173 kilowatt hours.

According to Lange, the electricity comes 100 percent from renewable sources.

The only area where there is still a lot of catching up to do is with district heating.

It currently comes from fossil fuels.

"We are negotiating with the Mainova,

He also sees the building as a digital pioneer.

Tenants can use a variety of "smart" services.

For example, 1600 heat sensors indicate where people are in the building.

This allows the air conditioning and the occupancy of workstations to be controlled.

There is one more superlative: the underground car park not only has 472 parking spaces for cars.

With 610 parking spaces for bicycles, it is the largest bicycle parking garage in the city.

Maybe that's an additional reason to enjoy a drink in the highest bar in Frankfurt.