The alarm came in at seven in the morning from a central residential area in Halmstad.

The five-year-old, who is said to be very interested in cars, must have found the keys and taken his younger sibling out in the car.

The child must have started the car and driven a distance of about 150 meters before they collided with two other parked cars.

The journey is said to have been slow and no one was injured.

Witness stopped the car

A neighbor reportedly saw the incident and ran to the car with the two young children to help them stop.

Shortly after that, the parents arrived at the scene.

- The hero in this context is this witness who gets into the car when he sees who is driving and stops it, says Stefan Gustafsson.

There are no suspicions of crime in connection with the incident.

- Right now we can only be grateful that no one is injured, says Gustafsson.