• Terrorism The Government brings 'Txapote' and Henri Parot, the bloodiest ETA terrorists, closer to the Basque Country

  • Basque Country Parot and 'Txapote' will enjoy benefits in Basque prisons and are closer to the semi-liberty regime

The Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, has politically defended this Friday the transfer of ETA prisoners to prisons in the Basque Country and Navarra, among them those of the bloodthirsty



Henri Parot

, because he has stressed that the policy is no longer applied of ETA dispersion.

In full commotion over the approaches, harshly criticized by






, who have requested his appearance in the Cortes, the head of the Interior has justified that his action responds to the application of prison legislation.

The same law of the rule of law, he has added, that led to their dispersion when the terrorist organization "murdered".

In statements collected by Efe during the signing of an agreement to open a judicial office in the

El Dueso

prison , in Santoña (Cantabria), Marlaska stressed that once ETA has been defeated there is no longer that "anti-terrorist policy" that made it possible to disperse convicts outside their environments, and that was "endorsed" by international courts as an "exception".

For this reason, he has defended that now "the penitentiary law and the right of inmates to be able to serve their sentence in prisons close to their families" is now "virtual and fully applied".

Of course, "with individualized studies in each case and with the proposals made by the prison treatment boards", she has qualified.

"If we apply the law to defeat ETA, it seems to me that a rule of law has to continue applying that law now", the minister opined.

Regarding the latest reproaches from PP leaders for the approach of prisoners to prisons in the Basque Country, Marlaska has called it "sad and vile" that this formation "always instrumentalizes" ETA terrorism and has reminded them that the gang was defeated by Spanish society with "the law and the rule of law".

He recalled that terrorism was an "unfortunate" phenomenon in this country, which "caused so much pain with more than 850 murders and thousands of serious injuries and the entire Spanish society affected".

He has also emphasized that while ETA was murdering, the PP brought "more than 500 prisoners of the organization to Euskadi."

"The rule of law defeated ETA by applying the law, and the rule of law continues to apply the law" with the transfers, he has sentenced.

Former leaders of ETA


, murderer of

Miguel Ángel Blanco

, and


and the gunslinger Henri Parot

They will be installed in the next few days in the Basque prisons that the Government of Iñigo Urkullu has been managing since October 1.

Among the hundred members of the gang already relocated to


are historical ETA chiefs such as

José María Dorronsoro


José María Arregi Erostarbe

'Fiti' who led the commandos of the terrorist gang in the 1980s, along with

Jon Olarra Guridi ,

another terrorist who, after participating in several attacks as a member of

the Donosti commando,

became the head of the ETA commandos at the end of the last century.

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