China News Service, September 1st. According to a comprehensive report, New York officials said on August 31 that starting from September 1, local time, carrying firearms in "sensitive" locations throughout New York, including Times Square, may be considered a crime. A felony, with or without a license.

Data map: On May 14, local time, a mass shooting occurred at a supermarket in Buffalo, New York, USA, killing at least 10 people and injuring 3 others.

According to reports, police said the suspect was an 18-year-old white gunman who was wearing a body armor and used a head-mounted camera to broadcast live.

The picture shows the police investigating the scene of the accident.

  As previously reported, a U.S. Supreme Court ruling in June overturned a New York state requirement that applicants for gun licenses must demonstrate "good cause" to carry firearms in public.

The new restrictions are one of a series of gun safety measures that the New York Assembly quickly enacted in response to the ruling.

  On July 1, the New York State Legislature voted to pass a bill aimed at banning people from carrying guns in "sensitive" locations such as Times Square and public transportation.

The bill officially became law that night after it was handed to New York Gov. Hochuer for signature and went into effect on September 1.

  At a news conference on Aug. 31, New York Mayor Adams showed a map outlining the boundaries of Times Square's "gun-free zone," where signs will be widely posted.

  New York Gov. Hochuer also said the new law would designate other locations such as schools, libraries, restaurants that sell alcohol and parks as "sensitive" areas.

  Asked about steps beyond posting signs, NYPD Commissioner Sewell did not rule out the possibility of conducting body searches or setting up checkpoints in the Times Square area.

  But some lawmakers worry that won't be enough to stop people from carrying guns.