The Ryazan region, located about 250 km east of Moscow (Russia), announced on Monday that it had instituted a state of emergency to deal with forest fires.

These fires have already devastated more than 8,000 hectares in recent days.

"The area crossed by the fire continues to increase slowly," said Pavel Malkov, acting governor of the region, on Telegram.

The local official also affirmed via messaging that this state of emergency measure will make it possible to "mobilize more resources to protect the inhabitants and the territories".

In the collection "what we no longer cover since we've been at war", big fires have been taking place for several days not far from Moscow (Ryazan region).

The capital is regularly smoky depending on the direction of the wind.

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— Paul Gogo (@Paugog) August 22, 2022

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Planes and helicopters

According to the authorities, "the active combustion surface" concerned this Monday 146 hectares.

For its part, Greenpeace estimates on the basis of satellite images that at least 11,000 hectares have already been affected.

In mid-August, smoke from these fires covered neighborhoods in Moscow, prompting a strong reaction from the authorities.

The mayor of the capital, Sergei Sobyanin, went there on Monday.

In a statement, he said 8,500 people and 200 additional equipment would be deployed to extinguish the fire.

The regional authorities had already announced before that 900 people, 7 planes and 10 helicopters were mobilized.

According to the mayor of Moscow, the area of ​​the forest fires is “not very accessible”, hence the use of interventions by plane and helicopter.

But "with bulldozers and heavy machinery, firefighters are making their way to the hearth of the fires", he assured.

With climate change, Russia has been hit in recent years by severe forest fires, particularly in Siberia and the Far East.


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