August 16-17

General Secretary Xi Jinping inspected in Liaoning

From Jinzhou to Shenyang

From river and lake treatment projects, enterprises to communities

Driven from green development and innovation

Go to the grassroots party building and serve the people

The general secretary cares about Yin Yin

Emphasizing on the revitalization of the Northeast in the new era

Show greater responsibility and action

Strive to create a new situation of revitalization and development of Liaoning

"We are fully committed to the comprehensive revitalization of Northeast China in the new era.

full of confidence and hope”

This black land full of hope

Writing a new chapter

  Producer丨Shen Yong Gong Xuehui

  Planning丨Ma Lifei Guo Hanguang

  Choreographer丨Li Wei Tansi

  Reporter丨Zhang Yuzhongxinwei Li Jinfankai

  Commentary丨He Hongmei

  Production丨Qi Chao Ou Pengpeng

  Recording丨Li Fangpujie

  Coordination丨Yan Ling, Yan Shen, Liu Jianchang

  Data丨Jin Guangyu Liu Zonglei Guo Wei