China News Service, Xining, August 20 (Wang Juan Huang Yuqing Wang Guodong) According to the latest news from State Grid Qinghai Electric Power, as of 20:20 on the 20th, all the power grid equipment damaged by Chase's "8.18" mountain torrent had been repaired. All 520 households in the 21 affected districts and 520 households have resumed normal electricity consumption.

  At about 0:00 on August 18, heavy rainfall occurred in Qinglin Township and Qingshan Township, Datong County, Xining City, Qinghai Province, causing flash floods, causing mudslides, and causing the river to overflow. The 100-base 10-kV line tower in Qingshan Township, Datong County was damaged. The electricity consumption of 520 households in 21 Taiwan districts was affected.

The picture shows the State Grid Qinghai Electric Power repair personnel are tightening the wire.

Photo by Liu Yubin

  State Grid Qinghai Electric Power immediately launched Level II emergency response to emergencies, and subsequently upgraded it to Level I, setting up an electric power emergency front headquarters in Qingshan Township, which was the most severely affected by the disaster.

  On the basis of the emergency organization of personnel to conduct a comprehensive special inspection of 5 substations, 8 main network lines and 69 distribution network lines in Datong area, and to find out the actual situation on the spot, State Grid Qinghai Electric Power quickly responded to Datong's "8.18" mountain torrent disaster rescue. The emergency headquarters for rescue and disposal work has been deployed in a unified manner, and the specific tasks of power grid emergency restoration have been refined and implemented.

On the one hand, 4 emergency generator vehicles were urgently arranged to provide temporary power guarantee for the on-site repair command center, search and rescue center, and residential users.

On the other hand, the emergency repair team was divided into 7 groups to carry out the restoration and repair work of the damaged 7 kilometers of 10 kV lines, 8 kilometers of 0.4 kV lines, and 21 10 kV transformers.

  It was only after the ravages of mountain torrents that the emergency rescue work was fully rolled out and the rain brought by strong convective weather caused great difficulties in the restoration and repair of infrastructure including electricity.

On the basis of making every effort to ensure the safety of personnel, State Grid Qinghai Electric Power raced against time to carry out emergency repair operations. With the help of cranes and excavators in the muddy ground, the power poles and towers of the foundation were straightened and reinforced, and the severely damaged facilities and equipment were removed and replaced one by one.

A total of 44 bases of high and low voltage towers were straightened, 71 bases of high and low voltage towers were assembled, 3×61 high-voltage conductors were retracted and released, 4×33 low-voltage conductors were retracted, adjusted and newly installed 44 high and low voltage tower cables, 2 new transformers, and righting 4 transformers.

The picture shows the State Grid Qinghai Electric Power repair personnel erecting poles in a muddy field.

Photo by Wang Guodong

  In this emergency repair, State Grid Qinghai Electric Power dispatched a total of 257 repair personnel, 48 emergency vehicles, 5 excavators, 7 cranes, and urgently mobilized 21 kilometers of overhead insulated wires, 200 poles, 100 sets of supporting hardware, 10 There are 6 kilovolt transformers, and several emergency repair materials such as lighting lamps, shovels, and firefighting sandbags, which strongly support the safe, reliable, rapid and efficient maintenance of electricity.