Journalists Kenji Goto and Haruna Yukawa, who entered Syria in the Middle East, were involved in the murder seven years ago, and the US District Court ruled that former combatants of the extremist organization IS = Islamic State. sentenced the man to life imprisonment.

On the 19th, the federal district court in the state of Virginia in the southern United States killed four American journalists and others, and Kenji Goto, a Japanese journalist who entered Syria, against El Shafi El Sheikh, a former combatant of the extremist organization IS. and Haruna Yukawa were sentenced to life imprisonment for conspiracy to kidnap and murder seven years ago.

IS has released a video of the murder of an American journalist and Mr. Goto, etc., and the court said, "The defendant's act is disgusting and can only be described as a barbaric and cruel criminal act." increase.

Elsheikh grew up in England and was known as part of a group of fighters called the "Beatles" who spoke with a British English accent.

Another former combatant who was deprived of British nationality was also sentenced to life imprisonment in April over the series of incidents in which Kenji Goto and others were killed.