Whether a country's economic strength is strong or not, industry is an important indicator.

  On the afternoon of August 17, General Secretary Xi Jinping came to Shenyang SIASUN Robotic Automation Co., Ltd. during his inspection and investigation in Shenyang City, Liaoning Province, to inspect the company's innovation achievements and listen to reports on local development.

  In the past ten years, every time he went to the Northeast for inspection, General Secretary Xi Jinping took a look at equipment manufacturing and enterprise development, and held several meetings to study and deploy the great cause of Northeast revitalization.

  The changes in Liaoning's industry record the era of "the eldest son of the Republic's industry". What has changed is the responsibilities, missions and development paths in different periods. What has not changed is the historical responsibility and feelings for the country.

The new look of the old base——

  "The new round of revitalization and development also depends on the real economy"

  In Liaoning, the first jet aircraft, the first 10,000-ton ship, and the first diesel locomotive were born in New China.

During the "First Five-Year Plan" period, among the 156 major projects determined by the state, Liaoning had 24 projects, ranking among the top in the country. It built a prosperous "equipment department" for the poor and poor China at that time.

  However, the first to enter the planned economy, and the latest to leave the planned economy, the institutional and structural contradictions accumulated over a long period of time have become increasingly apparent, and Liaoning's industry was once struggling.

  Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, General Secretary Xi Jinping has talked about the development of Liaoning many times on different occasions, emphasizing that the old industrial base of Liaoning started from the real economy, and the new round of revitalization and development also depends on the real economy.

During this inspection, the general secretary further emphasized that the CPC Central Committee implements an innovation-driven development strategy, pays special attention to independent innovation, and pays special attention to the construction of an innovative environment, strives to improve my country's industrial level and strength, and promotes my country's transformation from an economic power to an economic power and a manufacturing power.

  Shenyang Machine Tool (Group) Co., Ltd. is the birthplace of the first machine tool in New China. For the company's R&D team, General Secretary Xi Jinping praised them for growing Chinese ambition.

Machine tools, known as industrial mother machines.

After going through the difficult stage of relying on layoffs, Shenyang Machine Tool strives to break through the "stuck neck" problem every day. The self-developed five-axis machining machine tool for high-speed rail has broken the foreign monopoly, realized the localization of core equipment for high-speed rail equipment manufacturing, and continued to grow its traditional advantages.

  "Liao Boss" started the tough battle of revitalizing the old industrial base in Liaoning with the momentum of fighting the Liaoning-Shenzhen campaign.

In 2021, the added value of industries above designated size in Liaoning will increase by 4.6% over the previous year, of which the added value of state-owned and state-controlled enterprises will increase by 8.7%, far exceeding the average level of Liaoning.

  In the past ten years, a number of "big power weapons" such as the first domestic aircraft carrier, aircraft carrier-based aircraft, and transonic wind tunnel main compressors have been launched in Liaoning; major innovations such as metal nanostructure materials and "Haiyi" deep-sea glider have reached the world. leading level.

 New track and new advantage——

  "Actively support emerging industries to accelerate their development"

  Facing a new round of global scientific and technological revolution and industrial revolution, the old industrial city ushered in a series of new challenges and new opportunities.

  "Medical and health services plus informatization are even more powerful!" After the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, he visited Liaoning for the first time. General Secretary Xi Jinping came to Neusoft Group (Dalian) Co., Ltd. and learned that more than 1,000 medical institutions are using the company's products. Telemedicine management system, he is very happy.

  The SIASUN company visited this time is the largest robotics industry base in China.

In the enterprise exhibition hall, General Secretary Xi Jinping inspected the Liaoning Advanced Technology Products Exhibition, learned about the independent innovation and industrialization development of Siasun, and praised Siasong for reflecting the speed and level of China.

  General Secretary Xi Jinping is far-sighted and requires active support for the accelerated development of emerging industries. It is clear that we must adhere to self-reliance, put the development of the country and the nation on the basis of our own strength, and firmly grasp the development initiative... Up to now, there are more than 8,700 high-tech enterprises in Liaoning. , nearly 8 times that of 2012.

  The revitalization of new advantages does not stop there.

Liaoning, with a coastline of more than 2,100 kilometers, used to be at the seaside without knowing the sea.

In 2009, Comrade Xi Jinping, then vice-president of the state, proposed during his research in Liaoning that the development of the Liaoning coastal economic belt should promote the comprehensive revitalization of the old industrial bases in Northeast China.

During this inspection, General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that my country's development must be solid and step-by-step, but also open, inclusive, mutually beneficial and win-win.

  Liaoning has expanded its opening to the outside world by integrating into the "dual circulation" pattern.

The Shenyang Yuanda Enterprise Group, which the general secretary inspected, has increased its export volume from 20 billion yuan in 2013 to 59 billion yuan now; the Dalian area of ​​the Liaoning Pilot Free Trade Zone adopts a new mode of land-sea combined transportation, which can save half of the transportation time to Kazakhstan.

 Industry is booming --

  "We have full confidence in the revitalization of the Northeast"

  "I hope you will make persistent efforts, be consistent, and forge ahead. As the 'seed team' of the Republic, you will achieve better results!" On September 27, 2018, during an inspection of PetroChina Liaoyang Petrochemical Company, I learned that the company has ended its 12th consecutive year. The loss, General Secretary Xi Jinping so encouraged.

  Liaoyang Petrochemical, which once gave birth to the first "really good" fabric in New China, has had its ups and downs.

Breaking the "iron rice bowl" and saying goodbye to the "big pot rice", Liaoyang Petrochemical has become more and more open to reform and innovation. In 2021, the main business income will be 46.9 billion yuan, and the efficiency will reach the highest level since 2004, which has effectively stimulated regional economic growth. Ze employment and people's livelihood.

  This has become the epitome of the rebirth of the ashes and the Nirvana of the Phoenix in Liaoning and even the entire Northeast region.

Liaoning is walking on a broad road to promote the first revitalization of the industry and drive the comprehensive revitalization of all-round revitalization.

  In March of this year, the "Three-Year Action Plan (2022-2024) for Liaoning Province's Deep Promotion of Structural Adjustment "Three Great Articles" (2022-2024)" was released, which is a major strategic deployment to accelerate the industrial revitalization of Liaoning and lead the overall revitalization.

According to the plan, Liaoning will focus on the "three major articles" of structural adjustment—renovating and upgrading "time-honored brands", in-depth development of "original brands", cultivating and strengthening "new brands", and accelerating the construction of a digital Liaoning and a strong province with wisdom.

  Looking back at the magnificent 10 years, or breaking the foreign monopoly, or filling the domestic gap, the "eldest son of the Republic of Industry" has achieved a new leap.

"We are full of confidence in the revitalization of the Northeast", "Party committees and governments at all levels must create a good environment", "Fully stimulate the innovation and creativity of young people"... General Secretary Xi Jinping's ardent expectations are encouraging people to forge ahead.

  From the comprehensive revitalization of old industrial bases such as the Northeast to supporting the deepening of reform and innovation in the Northeast to promote high-quality development, the revitalization and development of the Northeast is promising.

  Coordinator: Cui Shixin

  Written by: Li Xinping and Wu Shan

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