China News Service, Xining, August 18 (Li Jun) On the 18th, the reporter learned from the official WeChat platform "Harmony East District" of Chengdong District, Xining City, Qinghai Province, that the main person in charge of the Chengdong District Party Committee and District Government recently made a statement to China Railway Qinghai-Tibet Group Co., Ltd. The person in charge of Xining Station held an interview on issues such as insufficient implementation of the territorial epidemic prevention and control requirements.

  It is reported that Qinghai Province is currently facing the complex situation of the spread of the epidemic outside the province, the spread of the epidemic in the province, and the pressure of "foreign import prevention, internal non-proliferation" pressure has increased sharply. Cause the risk of epidemic spillover.

As a key transportation hub, Xining Railway Station has always been at the forefront of foreign defense imports, and the task of prevention and control is arduous.

  Local officials require China Railway Qinghai-Tibet Group Co., Ltd. Xining Station to strictly implement epidemic prevention and control responsibilities, establish and improve a joint prevention and control mechanism, and strictly implement epidemic prevention and control management measures for employees of the company and Xining Station.

Give full play to the role of the joint prevention and control mechanism between Xining Station and the urban headquarters, establish and improve a regular consultation mechanism, and share epidemic prevention and control information in a timely manner.

Continue to increase the inspection and control of employees coming (returning) to Ningxia from epidemic-related areas, strengthen "on-the-ground inspection", and jointly implement prevention and control measures such as scanning "double QR code", temperature measurement, and nucleic acid report inspection for entry and exit personnel.

Effectively rectify the problems existing in the special channel for employees, and reasonably set up "ground inspection" points to eliminate hidden risks.

  At the same time, China Railway Qinghai-Tibet Group Co., Ltd. Xining Station is required to carry out "closed-loop management" point-to-point for employees coming to (returning) to Ningxia from the epidemic-related areas, and strictly abide by the community control measures.

The residences of employees who do not meet the conditions for home isolation should be repaired, adjusted, and disinfected in a timely manner.

Dynamically grasp the information status of people who are isolated at home, and resolutely prevent the occurrence of leakage of pipes.

Strengthen the connection with the special work class, health care, disease control and other departments of the railway station in Chengdong District, strengthen the technical guidance for the management of home isolation personnel, and deploy the commissioner to be responsible for the docking and judgment to ensure that the process specifications are in place.

  The local authorities required China Railway Qinghai-Tibet Group Co., Ltd. to focus on the various residential quarters and buildings in the east of the city, and to send official staff from the unit to guard against the risk of importation.

Strictly implement key prevention and control measures such as temperature measurement and code scanning, vehicle inspection, and 48-hour nucleic acid test certificates for people entering the community.

Increase the reporting and publicity of employees from (returning) Ningxia from the epidemic-related areas.

Continue to strengthen industry vaccination.

In particular, it is necessary to continue to do a good job in the vaccination of key groups of people aged 60 and above in the industry system, and mobilize cadres and employees to contact and urge family members who have not been vaccinated to "get all the answers" by mobilizing relatives, friends, families, neighbors, or sinking joint communities.