Nooshi Dadgostar wants to wait for the clearing land investigation and analyze the outcome before she answers how she sees the importance of Girjasdom.

- But I think it's a good thing that this fight has been taken so that we get an order of what is relevant and it is clear that we must preserve the culture that exists.

"Strengthening Sami rights"

In the cleanland committee, do you work for Sami villages' exclusive rights in a larger area?

- This result must be investigated and I want to follow this process with confidence.

And look at how we should strengthen the Sami's rights, how should we ensure that people get the rights they have, that we preserve this culture, says Nooshi Dadgostar (V) to the Sami radio.

She says no to the mining plans in Gállok and believes that the government should contribute to other job initiatives in Jokkmokk.

Hear her develop her views on the mining issue in general in the clip above.