According to Blokhin, the era of Western dominance has already come to an end. 

In addition, he noted that the West "does not demonstrate complete unity" in its attitude towards Russia.

Commenting on Orban's words that the policy of sanctions against Russia caused "tremendous damage" to the European economy, the analyst stressed that everyone is aware of this, but "are afraid to go against the main leader."

“So far they are demonstrating some kind of Euro-Atlantic solidarity, cohesion, but the population of these countries is already feeling the costs.

Everything is economy.

They can’t say, because they follow in the wake of American foreign policy, they are afraid to look like a white crow, ”concluded the interlocutor of RT.

Earlier, Orban, in an interview with the German edition of Tichys Einblick, said that the Ukrainian crisis would end the era of Western domination.

He also predicted that the confrontation with Russia would cause "weakening of the EU's position" in the world.