Where will Johnson live after he leaves the Prime Minister's Office?

British media: luxury homes may be temporarily "under the fence" before they sell

  [Global Times Special Correspondent in the UK Ji Shuangcheng Global Times Special Correspondent Liu Haoran] The British Prime Minister Boris Johnson's family will move out of the Prime Minister's Office this week, and may no longer appear at 10 Downing Street before leaving office.

In fact, after officially announcing his resignation, Johnson has been "freeing himself" for more than a month. During the move, he took his family to Greece for vacation. This state was ridiculed by the British media as a "lame duck prime minister" leading a "zombie government".

Johnson or "Let's Remain"

  The British "Daily Telegraph" reported on the 16th that on the 15th local time, the car of the moving company drove into Downing Street in the United Kingdom, and took advantage of the Prime Minister's family to go on vacation one by one. big truck.

(11 Downing Street was originally the official residence of the Chancellor of the Exchequer, but since 2016, Prime Minister Theresa May moved into 11 Downing Street because it was more spacious, and the Chancellor moved to 10 Downing Street. ) An insider revealed that the "relocation" was deliberately arranged when the Prime Minister was traveling, because it was more convenient for moving companies to come and go.

It is reported that the moving company happened to have also served Theresa May.

  The British media joked that the only thing Johnson had left in the Prime Minister's office was the wallpaper that he spent a lot of money on.

Johnson had previously spent £112,000 "over budget" to renovate his Downing Street apartment, of which a roll of £840 wallpaper was the most eye-catching. For this reason, the scandal was also known as "wallpaper door", and Johnson was also suffering from "wasting taxpayers' money" criticize.

In the end, Johnson was heavily fined by the Electoral Commission for implicated parties.

  Since his term has not yet ended, Johnson will temporarily live in the official country house of the British Prime Minister after moving out of the Prime Minister's Office "early" - Chequers Manor in northwest London.

After officially stepping down, the Johnson family will need to temporarily live in accommodation provided by friends or Conservative party funders.

As for the reason, the "Daily Telegraph" said that the Johnsons originally owned a mansion in Camberwell, south London, but the two believed that the property had certain safety hazards and was not suitable for living, so they had put it up for sale. Priced at £1.6 million.

Embarrassingly, the Johnsons can only afford to buy a new house after the old house is sold, so they have to temporarily "rely on others".

Where did the prime ministers live when they left office?

  According to the British "London Evening Standard", the Johnsons have actually been optimistic about "retirement homes" and intend to settle in Dulwich, south London, but the property prices in this wealthy area are expensive, with the average housing price exceeding 1.8 million pounds.

The media said that former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher lived in Dulwich Village for a period of time after leaving office. On the one hand, it was because the local area was adjacent to a golf course and her husband liked to play golf; on the other hand, the local real estate dealer gave her a play. A big discount.

However, the couple eventually moved to a location closer to the city center due to inconvenient transportation.

  After the former Prime Minister Cameron left office, he made a lot of money by writing books and participating in business speeches. Some publishers paid him £800,000 for drafts, and his appearance fee for "business performances" was as high as 120,000 per hour. GBP.

The British "Sun" said that the Cameron family's net worth in 2019 reached 40 million pounds, with valuable properties in the Cotswolds, Cornwall and Notting Hill in London.

Although Teresa May has left the stage after failing to push the Brexit agenda, she still enjoys a high popularity and prestige in Maidenhead, Berkshire.

According to media reports, Teresa May's "retirement home" is located in the village of Sonning, Berkshire, not far from Maidenhead, and the scenery is as beautiful as a fairy tale.

Theresa May has a fulfilling retirement, is keen to get involved in local events and is occasionally harassed by the paparazzi.

"No business"

  Since announcing his resignation, Johnson has been widely criticized by British public opinion for "doing his job well".

According to the British "Guardian", the Johnson family's trip to Greece has been his second vacation this summer.

As early as a few weeks ago, Johnson had taken his wife to Slovenia to make up for the honeymoon.

The fact that national leaders "played missing" at every turn has aroused strong resentment in the British political circles and the media. Many British media outlets have published articles satirizing that Johnson is now leading a "zombie government".

  The Conservative Party has recently made a big joke because of "different calibers".

The British "Daily Mirror" said that in order to protect the Prime Minister's face, Lewis, a senior Conservative Party politician, recently tried his best to defend Johnson's "second leave".

He said that the media should not use words like "broken pot" to describe the prime minister, "not in Downing Street does not mean Johnson will stop working".

Embarrassingly, the Prime Minister's spokesman came forward to confirm that Johnson had indeed suspended his daily work and warned his subordinates to "do not contact unless it is an emergency."

  In this regard, British Labour Party leader Stamo criticized Johnson as a "lame duck" prime minister now, and ridiculed that neither Truss nor Sunak could come up with a practical policy for governing the country, and the two only focused on "quarreling" recently.

A Labour spokesman also said that in the past few months, whether Johnson was working or on vacation "makes no difference".

At a time when countless British people are facing an existential crisis, Johnson only cares about his "grand party".