(Fighting against New Coronary Pneumonia) The overall situation of the epidemic situation in Yiwu is improving: the normal operation of the market will be promoted for resumption of work and production

  China News Service, Yiwu, August 17 (Reporter Zhang Bin) On the evening of the 17th, a press conference on epidemic prevention and control in Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province (hereinafter referred to as: conference) was held locally.

Luo Xiaojun, deputy mayor of Yiwu City, said that the city has had no new social issues for three consecutive days, no high-risk areas in the whole area, and three medium-risk areas will be adjusted. Positive factors continue to accumulate, and the overall epidemic situation is improving.

  On August 2, a new round of epidemic broke out in Yiwu.

As of 20:00 on August 17, the city has reported a total of 91 local confirmed cases and 601 local asymptomatic infections; 97 confirmed cases and asymptomatic infections have been cured and discharged.

  As the "commodity capital of the world", the prosperity of Yiwu market is related to the security and stability of the global supply chain.

Luo Xiaojun said that starting from August 18, the local market will resume normal operation in the first to fifth districts of the International Trade City.

Next, Yiwu will go all out to resume work and production, and revitalize the city and business.

  The overall situation of the epidemic is improving: "letting go" does not mean "relaxing"

  According to the press conference, from 0:00 on August 17 to 20:00 on August 17, there were 3 new cases of positive infection in Yiwu City, all of which were found in centralized isolation points.

  Chen Huiyu, director of the Yiwu City Health Bureau in Jinhua, Zhejiang, said that since the outbreak of the epidemic, all local cases have been transferred to Jinhua City's designated treatment hospitals and makeshift hospitals for centralized treatment. Experts in endocrinology and other related fields form a treatment team, concentrate on their advantages, and according to the priority, timely assess, consult and refer patients with mild and asymptomatic infections, and "one person, one policy" for patients with high-risk factors such as the elderly, pregnant women, and underlying diseases. All patients are treated with a combination of traditional Chinese and Western medicine, and actively conduct psychological counseling to comprehensively improve the effect of medical treatment.

  According to the comprehensive research and judgment of the expert group, Yiwu decided to adjust the silent management area again from 0:00 on August 18.

  "But 'unblocking' does not mean 'releasing defense', 'releasing' does not mean 'relaxing', and those who should be quiet must be resolutely quiet, and those that should be moved must be moved in an orderly manner, please continue to tighten the epidemic To prevent and control this string, strictly implement the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, and jointly maintain the hard-won results of epidemic prevention and control until we achieve a complete victory." Luo Xiaojun said.

  It is understood that the Yiwu medium risk area will still do a good job in social control according to the existing control measures.

The areas that implement silent management continue to implement the requirements of "staying out of the area", delivering living materials to the point, picking up items at the wrong time, and participating in nucleic acid sampling.

  For people in medium-risk and quiet areas, Yiwu continues to implement centralized government guarantees, rationally allocate grain, oil, rice, noodles, vegetables, meat, fruits, convenience foods and other materials, strengthen distribution capabilities, improve distribution speed, and distribute heart-warming material packages every three days. , the first time to meet the basic living materials needs of the people at home.

  In addition, the areas where the silent management is lifted will orderly restore livelihood service places such as farmers' markets, supermarkets, convenience stores, barber shops, and laundries, and orderly release the production and operation of logistics, e-commerce, commerce, industry and other enterprises.

  Yiwu will also maintain relevant measures for epidemic prevention and control, such as strictly controlling the scale of various conferences and activities, temporarily refraining from holding large-scale conferences, forums, exhibitions, wedding banquets, night markets and other gathering activities, advocating postponed wedding events, simple funerals, and no banquets. .

Medical institutions strictly implement the pre-examination and triage system, various pharmacies continue to stop selling "four types of drugs", and voluntary reports of symptoms such as fever, dry cough, and sore throat are reported.

  Go all out to resume work and production, revitalize the city and revitalize business

  Zhu Jindi, director of the Yiwu Economic and Information Bureau, said that since the "8.2" epidemic broke out in the city, Yiwu has always adhered to the requirements of "preventing the epidemic, stabilizing the economy, and ensuring safety in development", focusing on epidemic prevention and development in one hand. Under the temporary silent control state, 214 key industrial enterprises and more than 82,000 employees are still organized in an orderly manner to implement closed management, and production continues.

"Yiwu's planned industrial production capacity has remained above 60%, maintaining the stability of the industrial market."

  In response to the logistics issues that enterprises are particularly concerned about, Zhu Jindi said that since the silent management and control on August 11, local industrial enterprises have delivered 7,431 vehicles (times).

The local area runs important material transfer stations at the junction of Jindong, Pujiang, etc. with Yiwu, and adopts the method of "connecting trucks + changing people without changing vehicles" to solve the logistics problems between enterprises in Yiwu and outside the city, and eliminate the need for truck drivers to come to Yiwu. worry.

Recently, Yiwu has completed 229 trips of goods transit.

  It is understood that Yiwu plans to follow the principle of "delivering as much as possible, precision and efficiency", and will introduce 8 aspects in the near future, including stabilizing production, promoting consumption, stabilizing foreign trade and foreign investment, strengthening the logistics industry, recovering real estate, developing the digital economy, and increasing factor guarantees. The 29 policies and measures have helped everyone overcome temporary difficulties and effectively promoted the resumption of work and production in industry, agriculture, construction, commerce and trade, transportation, logistics, express delivery, culture and sports, and six small industries.

  "We take ensuring the safe and orderly operation of the market as the top priority, and will take more practical measures to expand the upstream and downstream industrial chains, strengthen the attraction of overseas buyers, develop the domestic trade market, and promote the integration of online and offline. We are planning to reserve a series of exhibition and trade activities to accelerate the recovery of the market, 'recover' time and 'recover' passenger flow, and promote the continued prosperity of the market." Luo Xiaojun said that the markets in Districts 1 to 5 of Yiwu International Trade City will pass a comprehensive inspection of personnel. Health status, implementation of whole-area sterilization, strict on-site management and other supporting measures, so that operators can operate with peace of mind and buyers can purchase with confidence.