(Fighting against New Coronary Pneumonia) The increasing number of local infections in mainland China hit a new high in nearly three months, and socially infected people reappeared in Beijing and Shanghai

  China News Service, Beijing, August 17. Comprehensive news: China's National Health and Health Commission announced on the 17th that there were 637 new confirmed cases in mainland China on the 16th, including 71 imported cases and 566 local cases.

There were 2,399 new asymptomatic infections, including 77 imported cases and 2,322 local cases.

No new deaths were reported.

  As of 24:00 on the 16th, there are 6,844 confirmed cases in mainland China, a total of 5,226 deaths, and a total of 236,898 confirmed cases.

There are 704 confirmed cases imported from abroad, with a total of 21,712 confirmed cases and no deaths.

  The increasing number of local infections in mainland China hit a new high in the past three months. The situation of epidemic prevention and control in Hainan is still grim

  On the 16th, there were 2,888 new local infections (confirmed + asymptomatic) in mainland China, more than 2,000 cases for 5 consecutive days, and a new high in the past 3 months, affecting more than 20 provinces.

Among them, 566 cases were confirmed locally, from 12 provinces: 482 cases in Hainan, 35 cases in Zhejiang, 16 cases in Tibet, and the other 9 provinces each increased by single digits.

  There were 2,322 new cases of local asymptomatic infections that day, the highest since May 10.

The above-mentioned infected persons came from 21 provinces and the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps.

Among them, there are 1181 cases in Hainan, 670 cases in Tibet, 307 cases in Xinjiang, 56 cases in the Corps, and 22 cases in Zhejiang. The other 17 provinces each have an increase of less than 20 cases.

  On the 16th, Hainan Province added 1,663 new local infections (482 confirmed cases and 1,181 asymptomatic cases), including 1,171 cases in Sanya City, which once again exceeded 1,000 cases.

From August 1st to 16th, Hainan Province reported a total of 11,755 local infections (5,298 confirmed cases and 6,457 asymptomatic cases), including 9,263 cases in Sanya.

  Hainan Province announced on the 17th that the number of infected people reported in the province on the 16th increased significantly compared with the 15th, and it was still mainly concentrated in several key cities and counties such as Sanya, Ledong, Danzhou, and Dongfang. Among them, the number of infected people in Sanya and Ledong increased more. , the prevention and control situation is still severe and complicated.

  According to reports, Hainan Province continues to do a good job in guaranteeing the return service of stranded passengers.

From August 9 to 6:00 on August 17, Haikou Meilan and Sanya Phoenix Airports performed a total of 471 sorties, guaranteeing a total of 70,815 stranded passengers returning.

As of 18:00 on the 16th, a total of 5 ships and 730 trolleys were dispatched from the port, transporting 2,899 passengers (including 447 individual passengers).

  Beijing and Shanghai reproduce socially infected people, and the risk of imported epidemic in Beijing further increases

  The Beijing Center for Disease Control and Prevention reported on the 17th that on the 16th, there were 1 new local confirmed case and 1 asymptomatic infection in Beijing, who were isolation observation and closed-loop management personnel.

From 0:00 to 15:00 on the 17th, Beijing added 4 more cases of local infection, one of which was a returnee who was found in social screening and returned to Beijing. The residence of the infected person in Shunyi District was adjusted to a high-risk area.

  Beijing officials said that since August, Beijing has discovered 6 related cases outside Beijing and 2 related closed-loop outbreaks of overseas personnel.

At present, the domestic epidemic situation is scattered in many places, and the number of imported cases from abroad continues to increase. At present, it is facing the peak of entering and returning to Beijing during the summer vacation. The risk of epidemic importation outside Beijing and Beijing has further increased, and the capital’s external defense import and internal defense rebound pressure has increased significantly compared with the previous period.

  There were no new local confirmed cases in Shanghai on the 16th, and 4 new local asymptomatic infections were found in isolation and control.

From July 3 to August 16, Shanghai reported a total of 157 local confirmed cases and 675 asymptomatic infections.

  The Shanghai Municipal Health Commission reported on the 17th that there were two new cases of local asymptomatic infections in the city that day, and their residences in Huangpu District and Hongkou District were adjusted to high-risk areas.

The flow survey shows that the local infected people found in Shanghai in recent days, except for a foot bath shop, all have a history of sojourn in other provinces and cities.

  Tibet accelerates the realization of social "zero" work, Urumqi announces relevant policies for people leaving and coming from Urumqi

  The Tibet Autonomous Region announced on the 17th that 16 new local confirmed cases and 670 asymptomatic infections were added in the region on the 16th, and the number of local infections increased by more than 500 for 4 consecutive days. There are 323 cases of asymptomatic infections, and 2,911 local infections have been reported in this round of epidemics.

Up to now, there are 133 high-risk areas and 228 medium-risk areas in this area.

  According to reports, recently under the guidance of the Tibet Working Group of the Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism Comprehensive Group of the State Council, various cities in Tibet have further adjusted and delineated risk areas, continuously strengthened community prevention and control forces, improved prevention and control measures, and blocked the chain of community transmission.

At the same time, in response to the slow release of nucleic acid test results and other problems, substantive measures have been taken to solve the problem, and the realization of social "zero" work has been accelerated in an all-round way.

  Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region reported 307 new cases of local asymptomatic infections on the 16th.

As of 24:00 on August 16, there were 18 local confirmed cases and 2,779 asymptomatic infections in Xinjiang in the current round of the epidemic, mainly from Ili Prefecture, Urumqi City and Changji Prefecture.

  According to the report of Urumqi City, the city is still in a static management period, advocating "not to come to Urumqi unless it is necessary, and not to leave Urumqi unless it is necessary". Those who really need to leave and come (return) to Urumqi must report to the corresponding residence (temporary) in advance. The community (village) where they live is required to report; those who come (return) to Ukraine must declare their entry into Xinjiang through the "Xinjiang Government Services" applet. After arriving in Ukraine, they will carry out accurate screening, health code verification and temperature measurement at the landing transportation station.

  Zhejiang Yiwu high-risk area is cleared, Shaanxi has two transmission chains for this epidemic

  On the 16th, Zhejiang added 35 local confirmed cases and 22 asymptomatic infections, involving Hangzhou, Ningbo, Wenzhou, Jinhua and other places. Among them, 1 confirmed case and 17 asymptomatic infections in Jinhua City, mainly from Yiwu City.

  Yiwu is the most severely affected area in Zhejiang Province.

As of 9:00 on the 17th, Yiwu's "8.2" epidemic reported a total of 689 local infections, accounting for more than 90% of the total local infections in Zhejiang Province.

In recent days, the number of new infections in Yiwu has continued to decline. From 21:00 on the 16th to 9:00 on the 17th, the number of new positive infections dropped to 2, and all of them were found in centralized isolation points.

According to relevant requirements and the current epidemic situation, Yiwu City adjusted the epidemic risk level of some regions. From 0:00 on the 17th, the high-risk areas in Yiwu City will be cleared.

  The Shaanxi Provincial Health and Health Commission introduced on the 17th that 6 new local confirmed cases and 10 asymptomatic infections were added in Shaanxi Province on the 16th.

The recent epidemic in the province is divided into two parts, one is the imported epidemic from other provinces since August 10, involving 14 infected people in Hanzhong, Xi'an and Baoji (all have a history of living in the same province within 7 days), infected with the virus For the Omicron variant BA.2.76 branch.

  The other part is that Xi'an City found 6 positive people in the nucleic acid test of all employees on the 15th, and then successively found infected people in Xi'an, Shangluo, and Yulin through close contact tracking and other methods.

At present, the genetic sequencing of 7 infected people has been completed in this outbreak, and the result is the BA.5.1.3 branch of the Omicron variant strain, which is highly homologous to the strain found in a province in China, but the source of infection is not yet clear.

  According to reports, from 12:00 on the 15th to 17th, a total of 48 cases of infection were reported in Shaanxi.

Because some patients had extensive social activities before they were controlled, the risk of subsequent spread of the epidemic and the occurrence of local clustered epidemics was high.