It's not over yet.

And it gets even better.

Anyone who believed that all the crooked things that could be imagined in the Schlesinger case were known is wrong.

Because now it is coming out what the secret bonus system looks like, which the director Patricia Schlesinger, who has since been recalled, and the chairman of the board of directors, Wolf-Dieter Wolf, who has since resigned, are said to have hatched in 2018 with the help of the consulting firm Kienbaum.

There is a “basic salary” and a “basic salary” for the director and the four directors of the RBB.

The base salary is paid monthly.

In no time at all, when personal goals are achieved, twenty to 25 percent of bonuses are added, plus family compensation, plus monetary benefits - all "variable" salary components.

He also got something like that, the managing director Hagen Brandstätter admitted a few days ago in a special broadcast by RBB.

Then he said before the main committee of the Brandenburg state parliament: "There is no bonus system in the RBB." Please what?

There is such a - secret - system, a bonus just has a different name, namely "target bonus" or "variable salary component".

The RBB allegedly employs 27 top earners who are paid "variably", the bonus bonus variable applied in particular to the director and the directors.

It all went through smoothly on the board of directors.

The incumbent head of the board of directors, Dorette König, now finds that memorable, but said before the state parliament in Potsdam that she had not viewed Schlesinger's salary increase by 16 percent to 303,000 euros per year critically, after all Schlesinger's predecessor Dagmar Reim received 280,000 euros.

In this case we are talking about what the RBB now calls "basic salaries".

In the case of Patricia Schlesinger, according to calculations by the online medium “Business Insider”, around 60,000 euros were added in 2020, with the increase in the following year she should have ended up with all the frills at more than 350,000 euros per year.

The RBB is not providing any information on such things at the moment.

The board of directors, whose members have to ask themselves what they have actually achieved in the past few years, is now, as Dorette König said, dismissing Patricia Schlesinger without notice, as the Broadcasting Council initiated with her immediate dismissal under consideration.

But that would by no means solve the problem of the enrichment system in the RBB.

How does the interim director Brandstäter say?

There are no bonuses!

Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that.