Pictures showing the Bahraini ambassador to Israel standing in line inside a shawarma shop in the occupied city of Jerusalem sparked ridicule on the communication platforms in Israel.

And the Israeli Kan channel correspondent Uriah Alkaim, in a tweet on his Twitter account, published two pictures in which the Bahraini ambassador to Israel Khaled Al-Jalahma appeared, and wrote on them, "What does normalization mean if you do not stand in the shawarma queue with the Bahraini ambassador?!"

מהי נורמליזציה אם לא לעמוד בתור לשווארמה עם שגריר בחריין

— אוריה אלקיים (@uriyaelk) August 16, 2022

And he added in a second tweet, "While we were in the queue, we were surprised to learn that he was an ambassador. I thought he was a Knesset member that I hadn't seen before."

"I was caught eating the most delicious shawarma in town," the Bahraini ambassador commented in a tweet.

Got caught yesterday having the best shawarma in town.

— Khaled Al Jalahma (@BahrainAmbIsr) August 17, 2022

In a series of comments, the Israeli reporter mentioned that the ambassador gave one of the older clients a grade, commenting, "This ambassador proves himself, believe me."

The Israeli correspondent commented on the sudden snapshot of the ambassador, sarcastically, "He has good taste. This man (..) What did he take: a calf or a turkey? I will continue to update if necessary."

"After normalization, peace must also come," commented Israeli political activist and Meretz party member Shana Orlik.

In addition, the ambassador's photos were ridiculed in the comments of the Israeli tweeters.