China News Agency, Los Angeles, August 15th. The Los Angeles County Police Department in California, the United States said on August 15 that the suspect in the gun robbery in the parking lot of the Roland Heights Dahua supermarket (99 Ranch Market) was Demoryie Watts (Demoryie Watts) He has been arrested, and there is currently insufficient evidence to suggest that it is a hate crime against Asians.

  Comprehensive news from the "Los Angeles Times" and other US media on the 15th, Los Angeles County Police Department Superintendent Steven Ruiz said at a press conference that day that 21-year-old Demorie Watts was in Lancaster, Southern California on the 13th. Arrested at home in the city.

Investigators are recommending that prosecutors charge him with armed robbery, felon with firearm and breach of bail.

  According to several American Chinese media reports, the case occurred at noon on July 9, local time, in the parking lot outside a Dahua supermarket in Roland Heights, a Chinese-inhabited community in Los Angeles County.

When two Asian customers, a man and a woman, walked to their car after shopping at the supermarket, the two male suspects rushed to them with pistols and thumped them hard. The victim was beaten to the ground.

The suspect then snatched a $60,000 watch from the male victim's wrist and drove away from the scene.

  The gun robbery in broad daylight shocked the local Chinese community, triggering a strong sense of insecurity and anger among the people.

Many local residents and Chinese groups demonstrated at the crime scene to protest the growing violence, calling for "united against violence and hate crimes".

  A month later, the first suspect in the case was arrested.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department said the vehicle and firearm were found at DeMorrie Watts' home, but the victim's watch was not found.

Police have identified another suspect and are conducting a search.

Demorie Watts was also implicated in several other robberies in Los Angeles, and the investigation did not show that he was specifically targeting Asian Americans.

Demorie Watts is on $150,000 bail and is scheduled to appear in court on the 16th.