China News Service, August 16. According to the news of the Spanish version of the WeChat public account "Xi Wen" of the European Times, in order to simplify the regulations and procedures for foreign immigrants to work in Spain, the latest reform of the Spanish government came into effect on August 15, allowing those working in Spain. Living in Spain for more than 2 years and trained foreigners looking for work and can normalize their status.

  The report quoted local media sources that the Spanish Royal Decree amended the regulations on the legalization of rights, freedoms and social integration of foreigners living in Spain.

  Moreover, this reform has improved some of the previous drawbacks, which are very beneficial for foreign students to obtain long-term residence in Spain.

The new regulations allow foreign students to combine their studies and work, limited to working no more than 30 hours a week, and must complete their studies before they can officially enter the workforce.