Launched the 21st session of “Yes to Work” for students from 15 to 24 years old

«Abu Dhabi Technical» trains citizens to manage the private retail sector

Two female citizens during the activities of the 21st session of "Yes to Work".

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The Abu Dhabi Center for Technical and Vocational Education and Training launched the 21st cycle of the national program “Yes to Work” in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman, with the participation of a distinguished elite of male and female citizens, representing the emirates of the country;

Those aged between 15-24 years, to train and empower them with the skills that qualify them to work in several vital disciplines in the labor market in the private sector, including the application of safety practices in the work environment in the retail sector, mechanisms of interaction with customers, warehouse management, and support for employees and customers in the workplace .

The “Yes to Work” program provides job opportunities for young Emirati men and women during the study leave, on a part-time basis, with the aim of developing their current skills, giving them an opportunity to discover new skills, and consolidating a culture of work in the private sector among the citizens of the country.

The Director General of the Center, Dr. Mubarak Saeed Al Shamsi, confirmed that “(Yes to Work) is one of the important national programs organized by the Center as part of its strategy to prepare and prepare the UAE youth and girls for the next fifty years, as the program works to attract young men and girls during school holidays to train them to work in Selected institutions, to provide them with specialized skills in line with the requirements of the state’s strategic plans.

Al Shamsi said: “(Yes to work) comes within the framework of the wise leadership’s efforts to enable the center to continue its successes in organizing the program to enable male and female citizens to work in new and diverse fields that correspond to their inclinations and orientations and the sectors of work required in the near and far future, which are the sectors, professions and jobs that witness successes. significant in the present and future of the labor market in the country.”

He added: "Through the program, the center works to invest students' school holidays, while contributing to achieving leadership directives towards creating the professional and practical future of citizens, as it is the basis for creating a bright developmental future in the UAE," referring to the center's cooperation with selected and distinguished institutions in order to include The “Yes to Work” program is the latest scientific and practical methods and methods necessary to train young men and women in the UAE and provide them with the professional capabilities required to manage the retail sector with high efficiency, in addition to enabling them with the expertise and skills to delight customers and meet their requirements, as well as warehouse management mechanisms.

For his part, the head of Emirates Skills in Abu Dhabi Technical, Engineer Ali Muhammad Al-Marzouqi, stated that the graduates of “Yes to Work” obtain an accredited qualification from the National Qualifications Center in the Ministry of Education, after continuing participation and regularity in four graded levels of the program, which qualifies them To work in the private sector with all merit and confidence.

The Abu Dhabi Center for Technical and Vocational Education and Training confirmed that the program focuses on three outputs, including skills and competencies, and professional fields, in addition to certificates. Actual work environments to develop their competencies and skills and enhance their competitive capabilities in order to qualify a generation that contributes to sustainable development.

The center indicated that after completing the job performance evaluation process, certified certificates are issued to those who successfully complete the four stages of the "Yes to Work" program, where these certificates are issued to participants in order to document their experience in the "Yes to Work" program.

4 levels of the program

The Director of the Abu Dhabi Center for Technical and Vocational Education and Training, Dr. Mubarak Al Shamsi, confirmed that the program includes four graded levels, after which the citizen obtains a qualification approved by the National Qualifications Center, thus granting citizens the program graduates;

Opportunities to work in the disciplines required in the labor market, calling on young men and women in the UAE to participate in the upcoming “Yes to Work” courses by registering in the program via the website

, in a way that guarantees them the optimal investment of their spare time, especially during the school vacation, as it contributes The program is in creating their practical future to be the national cadres capable of working in all disciplines with merit and competence.

The “Yes to Work” program seeks, through professional fields, to provide opportunities for acquiring knowledge in various fields, developing the value of work and a sense of responsibility among the participants towards the homeland, and the need for them to acquire more experience and functional skills at an advanced age, which enhances their self-confidence and motivates them to establish their future business ventures.

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