China News Service, August 15th. According to the US "World Daily" report, the first Asian Food Culture Festival was held on the morning of the 13th in Flushing, New York, Queens, USA. More than 80 booths attracted more than 10,000 people to participate. Mayor Adams announced That day was the "First Asian Mid-Autumn Festival Food and Culture Festival"; the participating small Chinese merchants pointed out that the epidemic has hit their business hard, and the activities of the Neighborhood Festival have warmed the Flushing community and brought more customers to the community, hoping that the economy can recover soon.

  The Asian American Food Festival was hosted by the Asian American Friends Federation and more than ten non-profit organizations. It invited more than 80 food, clothing and city agencies to set up booths on Main Street between 38th Avenue and North Avenue. The event continued until the evening. At 10:00, it aims to help Flushing rebuild its post-pandemic economy.

  Li Tianji, chairman of the Asian Friendship Federation, said that he hopes to strengthen exchanges and cooperation between Asians and various ethnic groups through this event, so that foreign ethnic groups can see the prosperity of the community, and also use the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival to promote Chinese culture.

  Mayor's Chief Advisor Ma Ting and Mayor's Special Advisor and Mayor's Office Asian Affairs Director Zheng Qirong brought an announcement from the Mayor's Office, announcing the 13th as the first "Asian Mid-Autumn Festival Food and Culture Festival".

  Liu Aiming, consul of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Section of the Chinese Consulate General in New York, said that the food festival shows the unique charm of the Asian community, showcases Chinese culture, and enhances non-governmental exchanges between the United States and China. Happy Mid-Autumn Festival.

  Congressman Meng Zhaowen and Deputy Mayor Banksy's senior adviser Gu Yaming called on the public to support small businesses through consumption.

  The Kathryn Bakery, which set up a stall at the food festival, brought traditional mooncakes, yogurt and other desserts to publicize that day; the boss said that the store has been operating since 2012, and it has continued to operate through e-commerce during the epidemic to survive the darkest moments. , At present, the business has recovered to 70% to 80% of the pre-epidemic level. It is hoped that through the event, more people will know about its own brand.

  A non-ethnic person and a friend came to Flushing to taste Xiao Long Bao. When he saw the Neighborhood Festival, he felt very lively. He also bought milk tea and Chinese pastries at the event. He said that he likes kung fu movies, and he will come to the Chinese community in New York when he is free. Explore gourmet restaurants, especially Hong Kong style morning tea and xiao long bao.

(Mu Lan)