Rep. Kang Hoon-sik, who was running for the Democratic Party's representative election, resigned today (15th), saying that it was not enough to draw the future of change and innovation.

While he did not reveal his intention to support candidate Park Yong-jin, who previously proposed unification, there is a prospect that the dictatorship of candidate Lee Jae-myung will be solidified.

Correspondent Jang Min-seong.


The Democratic Party's presidential primary, which turned the turning point, was converted into a one-to-one composition between Lee Jae-myung and Park Yong-jin.

Rep. Kang Hoon-sik, who was in third place with a cumulative vote rate of 6.83%, resigned today.

[Kang Hoon-sik / Democratic Party Member: I think that we have not been able to gather your hearts to become a new and powerful young political party.]

Although he passed the preliminary election with the voice of change and innovation, he said that it was not enough to create a bigger change.

Rep. Kang did not declare support for either candidate Lee Jae-myung or Park Yong-jin, and drew a line in the 'anti-Lee Jae-myung solidarity'.

As a result, the unification of candidates, which was the last variable in the primary, also disappeared.

[Kang Hoon-sik/Democratic Party Member: It hurt me a lot to see only political engineering unity, and I think about it a lot.]

The votes received by Congressman Kang will be invalidated, but the existing votes of candidates Lee Jae-myung and Park Yong-jin will not be affected. not.

Candidate Lee, who is overwhelmingly in first place with 73.28% of the total votes, said, "I look forward to working together in creating a unified Democratic Party." I didn't," he said, "starting from now."

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In this weekend's Honam circuit, where more than 35% of delegates and rights party voters were concentrated, if Lee Jae-myung's solo flow continues, the game will be virtually over.

(Video coverage: Cho Chun-dong, video editing: Park Jeong-sam)