China News Service, August 14th. According to the TASS news agency on the 13th, Alexander Darchiev, director of the North American Department of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said in an exclusive interview with the TASS news agency that if the United States takes any action that may confiscate Russian assets, it means that the bilateral relationship will be damaged. Complete break.

Data map: The building of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

  Dalchiyev said that six real estates, including the building of the Russian commercial representative office in Washington and the office building of the consulate general in San Francisco, have been seized or closed.

The Russian side demanded that the US side return and compensate for the losses.

He said any Russian-related assets, including diplomatic property, were at high risk, and warned that "taking such action would permanently damage the bilateral relationship, which is neither in their (US) nor ours. (Russian) interests.”

  Dakiyev also said that U.S. influence in Ukraine has reached the level of "increasingly direct involvement in the military conflict."

  According to a previous report by Reuters, Russia has publicly stated that due to Western sanctions, the Russian central bank has frozen $300 billion in assets.

According to EU data in May, the total assets of the Russian central bank frozen by EU member states are about 23 billion euros (about 24.5 billion US dollars).

U.S. freezes up to $100 billion in Russian central bank assets.

  In early August, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky issued a statement saying that Ukraine had forcibly confiscated about $765 million in Russian assets.