Russia claims complete control of strategically important northern Donetsk city, Ukrainian confirms that it has destroyed the new Kakhovka Reservoir dam, road bridge

  The Russian Ministry of Defense issued a battle report on the 13th saying that the Russian army and the armed forces in the Donbas region have fully controlled the town of Pesky in the north of Donetsk.

Pesky is located on the main traffic road between Kharkov and Donetsk, where Russia and Ukraine fought fiercely for many days.

  In addition, the Russian army continued to attack Ukrainian troops and military equipment in Kharkiv, Donetsk, Bakhmut and other places.

The Russian army also destroyed an American-made "Haimas" multiple rocket launcher system and its ammunition depot in the Donetsk region.

  The Ukrainian Southern Operational Command released a message on the 13th, confirming that the Ukrainian army struck the new Kakhovka Reservoir Dam Highway Bridge in Kherson Region on the 12th. The Ukrainian side said that the bridge had been damaged and could not be used normally.

This road bridge is the main traffic route for the Russian army to carry out logistical supplies to the Kherson area.