Ruler of Sharjah publishes the novel "The Biography of Sultans Kilwa"

"Al Qasimi Publications" published the novel "The Biography of the Sultans of Kiloh", written by His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, Member of the Supreme Council and Ruler of Sharjah, which deals in a wonderful, interesting and documented manner, with accurate documentation, real events of the biography of the sultans of Kiloh.. His Highness narrated the biography of the sultans of the island of Kilo And the reason for their migration to Africa and the events that happened to them and the tribulations and tribulations over their rule.

The 114-page novel includes eleven chapters and an appendix, a genealogical chain of the sultans of Kilwa, and dozens of Arab and foreign sources and references.

His Highness was able, after verification and accurate scientific documentation, to remove and solve the confusion of an unknown and unknown shadow for decades about the history of Kiloh and based his investigation on the manuscript known as "The Book of Salwa in the History of Kiloh" and all that was written about it in addition to the documents and manuscripts owned by His Highness about the genealogy and history of Persia. Old and Portuguese documents and other references and sources.

In the introduction to the book, His Highness the Ruler of Sharjah said: "It is a true historical novel that I wrote based on the manuscript of the Book of Salwa in the history of Kilwa. The writers and historians were from the coastal countries, which is the region currently known as the State of Kenya and the State of Tanzania, for what they know about me because I possess many manuscripts and documents, British and Portuguese. When I decided to write the history of East Africa, I contacted the British Library in London and acquired from it a photocopy of the manuscript known as the Book of Salwa in the History of Kilwa. I began studying that manuscript as well as studying everything written about that manuscript by Arab and foreign historians. Those who were unable to explain what was stated in that manuscript, as the matter became confused for them.”

His Highness added: “From the study of that manuscript “Kitab Al Salwa fi Tarikh Kilwa” it became clear first: that the author was unknown, but he mentioned his date of birth in the manuscript, which is: the second Monday of Shawwal in the year nine hundred four.. Secondly: the manuscript was old and this is evident from the date Copied by Abdullah bin Musabah Al-Sawafi by order of Sultan Barghash bin Saeed bin Sultan in the year 1294 AH corresponding to 1877 AD, and thus the manuscript was submitted three hundred and fifty years ago. And spoilage.. Fourth: Of the ten chapters of the manuscript, three chapters are missing and I was able to cover them from Portuguese documents. Fifth: What was written in the manuscript about the arrival of the Sultans of Shiraz to the African coast is a myth and the truth in contemporary manuscripts of the departure of the Sultan of Shiraz on that date..With the help of God Almighty, and with what I have of manuscripts on genealogy, the history of ancient Persia, and Portuguese documents, I was able to solve the confusion for historians and write the history of a kidney in the form of a true and documented historical narration.

This book is the latest publications of His Highness the Ruler of Sharjah, which amounted to 76 publications in the historical, theatrical and literary fields, many of which were translated into 20 foreign languages.

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