After North Korea declared the end of the COVID-19 crisis, while accelerating the recovery of daily life, it still ordered high-intensity quarantine measures for the front and border areas.

The Rodong Sinmun, the official newspaper of the Workers' Party of Korea, published an article titled 'Let's focus on maintaining and solidifying the ironclad quarantine barrier' as of today (14th).

The newspaper reported, "In the condition that the global health crisis has not yet been settled, we are still faced with the heavy task of strengthening the country's quarantine barriers."

"The sky, the land, and the sea are all routes of transmission of the pandemic," he emphasized once again that the borders, frontiers, coasts and seas are to be tightly sealed.

The newspaper introduced that, for example, Gosan-gun, Gangwon-do is thoroughly disinfecting the water supply and sewerage system, and Hamju-gun, South Hamgyong Province, is checking the overall quarantine policy, such as expanding a monitoring post.

North Korea has pointed out that the North Korean flyers and goods distributed from the South were the cause of the outbreak of Corona 19, and claimed that the first patient came from Gangwon Province, the southern border.

Earlier, North Korea held a national emergency quarantine meeting on the 10th to announce the resolution of the Corona 19 crisis and to ease the 'maximum emergency quarantine system' to the 'normal quarantine system' in 91 days.

The duty to wear a mask has been lifted in all places except for the front and border areas, and it has been decided to operate tours, visits, recreation, recuperation, and tourism as normal.

However, North Korea's quarantine authorities emphasized that we should not relax tension in quarantine as there is a constant possibility of various infectious diseases such as the spread of Corona 19 mutation and monkey pox worldwide.

(Photo=Pyongyang Chosun Central News Agency, Yonhap News)