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The first confirmed case of a dog infected with monkey pox in France has been reported by the British daily The Telegraph.

The Telegraph reported that the 44-year-old and 27-year-old homosexual men living in Paris showed symptoms such as sore lesions on their body in June, and as a result of being screened at the hospital, they were diagnosed with monkey pox.

12 days after their visit to the hospital, their normally healthy dog ​​showed symptoms such as an abdominal cyst and "thin anal ulcer" along with similar lesions.

The dog is known to have shared a bed with its owners.

Tests confirmed that the dog was diagnosed with monkey pox, and the genetic sequence of the virus was 100% identical to that of its owners.

This means that the virus passed from owners to dogs.

So far, no domestic dogs or cats have been infected with monkeypox, but experts are recommending isolating them from their pets to avoid transmission.