Before the war, Tetiana Burianova and her friends organized parties, concerts and raves.

- Music was a big part of our life before, it was our lifestyle.

Now it has become volunteer work, says Tetiana Burianova.

Brick by brick, piece by piece, houses are being demolished to be rebuilt in areas invaded by the Russian military earlier this year.

Then there will be a party with the great artist Onuka on stage. 

- We combine work with music because there is so much to do, and in order for people to persevere, they need something that makes them happy and excited, which music does, says Tetiana Burianova.

"Helps psychologically"

And even though the sky opens up and rain pours down, nothing stops the volunteers from dancing and for a moment remembering life as it was before the war.

- It also helps psychologically, says Tetiana Burinova.

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