(Celebrating the 25th anniversary of Hong Kong's return to the motherland) The 46th Hong Kong International Film Festival launched two exhibitions to warm up fans

  China News Service, Hong Kong, August 13 (Suo Youwei Liu Yuting) The 46th Hong Kong International Film Festival, which is about to open, has specially arranged two exhibitions to warm up movie fans. The two exhibitions will be held at the Harbour City Art Museum and Ocean Terminal in Tsim Sha Tsui on the 13th. The exhibition hall opens.

  This exhibition is one of the activities to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. It is co-organized by Create Hong Kong and the Hong Kong International Film Festival Association. It allows film fans to enter the film event from the moment they appreciate the stills.

Audience viewing the exhibition.

Photo by Li Zhihua

  The "Light and Shadow Wave Hong Kong Film New Power" photo exhibition was launched by the creative Hong Kong director Zeng Zhaoxue and three photographers Wang Weilun, Zeng Mi and Li Shihui.

Hong Kong International Film Festival Association Executive Director Li Zhibo and Hong Kong International Film Festival Association Program Director Wang Zhihui attended the opening ceremony.

  Zeng Zhaoxue said in his speech that the photography exhibition showcased nearly 200 Hong Kong film stills shot by four well-known Hong Kong still photographers in the past 25 years, and presented the unique charm of Hong Kong films with another light and shadow art.

Their works document the glory days of Hong Kong cinema.

In addition, "Light and Shadow Wave Hong Kong Film New Power" will also launch a touring film festival in other international cities, showing a series of excellent works by new Hong Kong directors and classic films that have been well-received.

  In his speech, Wang Zhihui said that the photography exhibition consists of four parts, which will showcase the unique ingenuity of Hong Kong films from the aspects of image re-creation, behind-the-scenes production, star and shadow charm, and unsung heroes.

While exhibiting the wonderful shooting moments of Hong Kong classic movies, it also recorded the development and progress of Hong Kong's film industry since its return to the motherland 25 years ago.

  When talking about his photography experience, Zeng Mi said: "It is very difficult to capture a representative picture in a movie. Many times I am very shocked to see the hard work of the actors on the film set. I am very happy to be able to do so. Use the camera to record these moments.”

Wu Junru appeared at the "Focus Filmmaker Retrospective".

Photo by Li Zhihua

  The second exhibition, "Retrospective Exhibition of Focus Filmmakers", showcases stills, movie posters and trophies of focus filmmaker Wu Junru's wonderful performances.

The exhibition was unveiled by Wu Junru together with Riya Bo, Executive Director of the Hong Kong International Film Festival Association, Wang Zhihui, the program director of the association, and Xie Weilie, the program planner.

  Wu Junru said in an interview that he has made more than 140 films from the first film to the present. These films represent the memories of different eras in Hong Kong, and he has also played the role of mother from the girlhood to now.

She said: "This exhibition gave me the opportunity to review so many films, and I was very surprised and moved. It also made me feel that I should start over and continue to create good films." (End)